Top 10 Best Chainsaw Mills Of 2021 – Products Review

Not all chainsaw mills will deliver excellent service. In fact, a good number will leave much to be desired. They will cut slow, roughly, require too much setup, may wobble, or vibrate too much during use or will breakdown easily. With the large variety, choosing a specific chainsaw mill can be hard. This also applies to a seasoned user. You’ll spend quite some time researching, comparing, and then ranking the pieces.

One thing you need to understand is that accessories are quite different. What may be perfect for a certain situation may not be good for another. You need to focus on things like the sharpness of the saw, sturdiness, stability, materials, assembly ease, and easy maintenance, price, and much more. In this article, we will look at the best chainsaw mills in the market. We will also briefly talk about handling and using the piece.

The 10 Best Chainsaw Mills

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#10. Portable Stainless Steel Chainsaw Mill

Chainsaw Mill Portable Chainsaw Mill 36 Inch 304 Stainless Steel and Aluminum

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By: imony

This is a high-quality mill that works with a range of chainsaws. It’s easy to mount and the saw attaches pretty easily. It maintains a decent hold on the unit to minimize to and from or side to side movement. It’s made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum metal and feels sturdy and solid. It handles the weight of the chainsaw and lumber well. Although strong, it’s still lightweight and handling and carrying it is thus easy. The unit is ideal for a chainsaw bar length of 10 to 36 inches.

The width and height are adjustable and will handle different diameters of logs. The platform isn’t very wide and this plays a role in the space-efficient nature. Moreover, it has a decent length to accommodate long pieces of lumber. It’s a good choice for most common types of wood. You can use it at home, commercial workshop and other places. It doesn’t require regular maintenance and is less prone to warping or breakage.

  • Light and strong
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Made from strong durable metal
  • Firm and stable operation
  • Not for bar lengths larger than 36 inches

#9. Chainsaw Mill With Guide Bar

Popsport Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling 14 to 36 Guide Bar Wood Lumber

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By: Popsport

This item has a practical milling range of 14” – 36 inches. It’s a good choice for both beginners and experienced users. The simple design plays a part in its easy assembly and attaching to the chainsaw. The adjustable and versatile nature suits it to most types in the market. It comprises a sturdy construction made of stainless steel and aluminum. The joints are welded from Mig and are less likely to come apart. Moreover, they leave a nice professional finish.

The commercial quality piece is lightweight and easy to handle and carry around. It’s also sleek and elegant to blend well with the surroundings and also to enhance its look. The height and width are adjustable and will handle different logs well. The portable chainsaw mill works well and is also durable. It’s ideal for sawyers, homeowners, carpenters, and woodworkers.

  • Efficient & Versatile
  • Lightweight and portable construction
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy width and height adjustment
  • The assembly instructions and parts list are too brief

#8. Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking

HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling from 14 to 24 Guide Bar

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By: HiHydro

This product comes in a classic design and should merge well with most surroundings. It’s available in a lightweight design and easy to carry and operate. We love the basic styling which speeds up and simplifies the attachment of chainsaws. It’s a solid and tough structure and will endure the weight, stress, and vibration well. The aluminum rails and steel parts suit 45cc to 67cc chain saws well. It will cut 18-26 inch logs/lumber pretty easily and fast. The adjustable height and width allow for milling of different types of wood.

The end brackets hold the saw firmly and minimize to and fro movement. This hastens the operation and also leads to more accurate results. The accessory is made from stainless steel and is easy to clean. It also doesn’t get rusty or corrode easily. The smooth surface allows the logs to slide on and off the platform easily. Adjusting or calibrating the setting is also easy.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Minimal vibration
  • Easy calibration
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Not very ideal for logs with a diameter larger than 26 inches

#7. Rail Mill Guide System Crossbar Kits For Chainsaw Mill

9 FT Rail Mill Guide System 3 Crossbar Kits Work with Chainsaw Mill

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You don’t need to buy a milling machine if you have a chain saw. What you need is a chain sawmill to use. This one by RCTEC rail mill is a good option and is also easy to use. The item is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It measures 108(L) x 10(W) x 4(H) inches and will connect to 5 or 9 Ft guide systems. It’s portable and moving it around should be convenient. The surface is flat and provides excellent support. It’s also smooth for easy sliding of the lumber. The item has a portable design for easy carrying. Moreover, the support is firm even on rough surfaces. This allows you to use it even in remote locations.

Thanks to the versatile nature, it is suitable for many applications and timber types. The strong construction and solid materials give it longevity. Besides, it won’t breakdown or lose its integrity easily. The high-quality mill is suitable for hobbyist, sawyers, woodworkers, carpenters, and other users. It also can handle many types of timber.

  • Excellent adjustment
  • Stable and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Strong construction and good quality
  • The guard is made of plastic

#6. Portable Chainsaw Mill

Haddon Lumbermaker

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By: Haddon Lumbermaker

Of the many good chainsaw mills in the market, the Haddon Lumbermaker does stand out, it offers reliable performance and is also long-lasting. Setting it up takes a short time and once done, it will remain firm. No vibrations or wobbling. It comes with “state-of-the-art” technology for faster and top performance. It also has good portability and is lighter than most picks. This makes moving with it more convenient. The unit is of high quality and tough. It will handle the tasks well and is less likely to break or become loose.

It is more space-efficient in comparison to its alternatives. You can use it in limited spaces without any issues. It cuts cleanly and more precisely, thanks to the nice engineering. The final cut is also smoother and cleaner. This leaves a more professional look. It has a longer life expectancy and should handle most tasks well. Installation and removal are fairly easy and so is maintenance. You don’t need a drilling bar and it’s also compatible with most saws.

  • Easy to install
  • Cuts cleanly and fast
  • High quality and tough
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It may be a little challenging for beginners

#5. Edging Chainsaw Mill

Granberg G555B Edging Mill

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By: Granberg

The Granberg G555B Edging sawmill has many good features. This will make cutting lumber easier and also more convenient. One thing we like is simplicity. It has a basic design and mounting a saw is quick and easy. It maintains a firm grip to prevent slippage. The item works well with chainsaws featuring 16-36-inch bars or 50-70cc displacement. It also doesn’t shake a lot during use. The performance is decent for its size. Moreover, it feels light but more solid than other types. It can be said to be a heavy-duty piece and handles the work well. It’s also versatile hand will work okay with different kinds of lumber.

Like most pieces, assembly is straightforward even for a beginner. Youll also get simple instructions to aid in the assembly. It’s simpler to adjust compared to most substitutes and also cuts more precisely. It also experiences fewer vibrations and the cuts are smoother and sharper.

  • No drilling required
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Clean professional-looking cuts
  • Easy mounting and stable
  • It’s a small piece

#4. Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill

Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill - (24)

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By: Granberg

With the Alaskan Mark-IV unit, you’ll own one of the best chainsaw mills in the market. It’s been in the scene for quite some time and constantly features in top reviews. The frame/ support is solid and will maintain a tight grasp on the saw. The platform also provides a decent working space. It’s a good choice for beginners as well as pros. The chainsaw mill cuts fairly quickly and accurately.

The clamps maintain a strong hold on the chainsaw and chances of falling or becoming loose are low. Attaching it to the chain bar is simple and straightforward. No drilling or additional accessories are required. It handles most kinds of trees well and delivers good results. Examples of trees it effective on including oak, cedar, walnut, and maple. This piece is suitable for woodworkers, sawyers, arborists, hobbyists, homeowners, and many others.

  • Good quality and priced fairly
  • Mill functions quickly
  • Great design and easy handling
  • Tough material
  • The bolt and nut height adjustment mechanism is a little slow

#3. MK-IV Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

Granberg MK-IV Alaskan Chainsaw Mill with 30 Rails (Model G778-30)

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By: Granberg

This mill operates with a variety of chainsaws. Mounting is simple and the saw attaches fairly readily. It retains a good hold on the unit to minimize movement. Also, it is made using tough stainless steel and feels robust and solid. It puts up with the weight, strain, and the elements. Though tough and durable, it is still lightweight and, therefore, simple to handle and carry. The device is perfect for cutting slabs from 0.5 to 13ickness. The maximum width is 27 inches and it’s appropriate for oak, cedar, walnut, and other lumber.

Both the height and width and height can be adjusted and will manage various lumber diameters. The surface is not too broad and this enhances the space-efficiency. This best chainsaw mill also has a good length to accommodate long lumber, making it a good pick for most wood kinds. You can use it at home, at a business workshop and elsewhere. It does not involve frequent maintenance and is less susceptible to bending, breaking, or wear and tear. Cleaning the unit is simple, thanks to the seamless design.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Strong and durable metal construction
  • Firm and smooth operation
  • Requires some assembly

#2. Granberg Chain Saw Mill

Granberg Chain Saw Mill, Model# G777

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This product is a great option for both beginners and skilled users. The simple structure plays a role in its easy installation and quick attachment to the chainsaw. It’s designed to work with chain saws up to 20inches and doesn’t require a drilling bar. The adjustable and flexible nature fits most chainsaws. It consists of sturdy stainless steel construction and is among

The stable units around. The Welded joints are strong and look professional. They also wing break or come apart easily. It cuts lumber with a thickness of 1/2in. to 13inches and up to 17inches wide

The piece is lightweight and simple to carry around. It’s also elegant to mix well with the surroundings and also to improve the look. The height and width can be adjusted to cater to different lumber. The mobile chainsaw mill operates well and is durable too. Taking care of this item shouldn’t be a problem, thanks to the solid nature and string materials. It also doesn’t need regular maintenance or calibration. It is perfect for many users, including sawyers, carpenters, woodworkers, and homeowners.

  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight and high-quality
  • Attaches to saw easily
  • Strong and stable construction
  • Brief assembly instructions

#1. Portable Chainsaw Mill With Planking Milling Saw

Farmertec Portable Chainsaw Mill 24 Inch Holzfforma Planking Milling Saw

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By: Farmertec

This log equipment should make cutting wood or lumber easier and effortlessly. It will accept most chain saws and attaching them to the frame is pretty easy. It doesn’t need special skills or tools. Once fitted, the chain saw will remain firm. However, you can easily adjust the angle and height to suit different wood pieces. It works great with 14’’ to 24-inch bar sizes. It’s a solid piece courtest of the stainless steel and aluminum construction. You also get a nice working surface which helps to prevent accidental falling of the lumber. Besides, it allows for smooth rolling of the timber. The width just like the height is also adjustable. Youll find a simple user manual to help you in the mounting and operation.

This best chainsaw mill weighs about 6.5 kilograms and is very portable. It also provides an ergonomic working environment to minimize fatigue. The good stability prevents accidental tipping over, whereas the few wear parts improve cleanup and maintenance. It’s a suitable choice for domestic and commercial use. Carpenters, sawyers, homeowners, and woodworkers will find this piece worth acquiring.

  • Can cut different types of lumber/ trees
  • Made from high-quality and tough materials
  • Adjusting the setting is easy and effortless
  • Good design and easy operation
  • No side bar

Tips To Proper Use of a Chainsaw Mill

You can have the best chainsaw mill, but the results or experience won’t be satisfactory. It will cut slowly, the results will be poor, and it will leave rough edges, or will vibrate too much. You may also find yourself using lots of effort during the milling. Usually, this is because of improper use and handling. The following are some handy tips to a nice milling experience:

Ensure The Chain is Sharp

The first step to a good experience is making certain the chain is properly sharpened. A dull or blunt chain uses more effort and energy and time. The end results will also be poor due to a rough finish. You should sharpen the chain regularly and in the right manner. This entails using proper tools and technique. Also important is ensuring the setting of the rakers is correct.

NB: Removing the bark and grit from the logs helps to preserve the sharpness of the chain and also extending its lifespan. It also simplifies the milling process.

Do Routine Service

Like any other tool or equipment, the mill will suffer from wear and tear, it will become loose over time, and the settings will be off. It’s critical that you carry out routine service as recommended by the manufacturer. This ensures the accessory is working at its optimum. You need to check the chain, rakers, bar, and other parts. Oiling is also important as it allows the mechanism to run smoother and minimizing friction and unnecessary heat buildup.

Proper Handling

Before starting to mill, you should be familiar with how it operates. Reading the instructions is not enough. You should seek assistance from an experienced user or expert. Watching videos is also a good move. You can try your hand on the unit on light pieces before attempting cutting large or hard pieces.

NB: The accessory will be suited for different types of lumber. A lightweight unit is more suited for soft to medium hardwood while a heavy-duty piece will handle soft, medium, and hardwood.

Keep It Steady

It’s crucial that you keep the sawmill steady at all times. Avoid moving it from side to side or tilting it too much. Moving it to and fro may likely lead to a rough surface or gouged appearance. It will also slow down the speed or produces a wider cut. You should practice holding it firmly and ensuring it cuts in a straight manner with minimal to and fro movements.

Don’t Expose Self To Dust

Milling lumber produces lots of dust. Inhaling it can cause health problems such as sinuses, allergic reactions, and difficulty in breathing and respiratory problems. It may also get into the eyes and cause redness or irritation. You should place the mill in such a way that it blows the dust away from you. Alternatively, you can change the position of operation.

Proper Safety Gear

It’s always advised that you stay protected at all times when milling wood. The first step is wearing protective gear. This includes eyeglasses or goggles, gloves, a respirator mask, and ear muffs/plugs. Other than preventing dust and other debris from entering the nose, eyes, ears, or mouth, it also makes you see the job in a clear manner.

NB: The protective accessories should be high quality, certified safe, and from reputable brands.

Protect It From The Elements

A chainsaw is designed for use in the outdoors. However, this doesn’t mean you should leave it overly exposed. The water, moisture, dirt, and other things may penetrate the internal mechanism and ruining the sensitive components. Metal parts may start corroding, rusting, and eventually start wearing out. Dust, dirt, nature, and other things may also contaminate the oil and this will affect the lubrication. The unit will run hotter and this increases the likelihood of breakage. It’s necessary to protect it from rain, snow, hailstorm, ice, and other things. Covering it with a heavy-duty cover is always advised.

Don’t Shut It Off Immediately

A common mistake is shutting the sawmill immediately. Doing so doesn’t allow the unit to cool off properly. The accessory will generate lots of heat. Shutting it down instantly will mean that the heat will still remain. The best practice is to let it idle for about 30 seconds. This allows for more effective cooling. It will help it run smoother next time, preventing warping of metal parts, and also extend its lifespan.


These chainsaw mills are some of the best options in the market. They offer high-quality service to ensure the lumber is well cut and professional-looking. The accessories comprise sturdy and durable design and materials and will handle even the demanding tasks well. Moreover, they boast of solid construction to tolerate the vibration and shaking. They are versatile pieces and will handle different types of wood and work great in many situations. Also evident is that they are lightweight, portable, easy to handle, durable, and reliable. In addition to insights on the best chainsaw mills, we have also offered you some handy tips on the proper use of the accessory.

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