The 11 Best Bug Out Bags Of 2021 – Products Review

Unlike ordinary bags, a bug out bag has a large capacity and is perfect for any kind of outdoor trip. It has a similar structure like that of a backpack but can accommodate a wide range of items. A bug out bag has many compartments and lets you carry it with ease. Below are some of the best bug out bags available and each of them comes with a unique feature. Some even come in a complete set of emergency tools that is very important when you are on a trip. The following is the list of the best bug out bags for you to choose from.

The 11 Best Bug Out Bags

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#11. Functional Bug Out Bag

Echo Sigma Bug Out Bag

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By: Echo-Sigma Emergency Systems

Made to last long, this is a very functional bug out bag, which will not disappoint you when it comes to performance. This is very lightweight and has a large capacity. This has a vertical storage configuration that lets you store in an unremarkable location. Moreover, this is in an upgraded design and is perfect for organizing your items. This is easy to carry and comes with padding.

Furthermore, this is in three different colors and has an athletic appearance. This will let you arrange your items and take it on any kind of adventurous trip. It will provide watertight packaging and offers fast access to items during any kind of emergency. This includes a bug out bag Coyote and has all the essential tools for an emergency.

  • Large capacity and vertical storage configuration.
  • Watertight packaging and easy access.
  • Durable, utility points, and easy to carry.
  • It is a completely new product.

#10. Medium Modular Bug Out Bag

2017VTGR9 Modular Bug Out Bag, Men's Medium

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Available in four different colors, this bug out bag is very durable. This is made of nylon and is highly functional. In this, you will find the system of molle modular accessory attachment and can accommodate a wide range of items. Moreover, this comes in an ergonomic size and is ideal for gender precise harness. This is also very lightweight and includes YKK zipper.

Furthermore, the tough bag includes a zippered bottom that allows you to have easy access to longer items. It has multiple D-rings, loops, and slides that let you attach side pockets on the exterior. This is resistant to abrasion and lets you organize your base kit in a perfect way. It also has Velcro loop strips and lets you take it anywhere you want.

  • Molle modular accessory attachment and ergonomic size.
  • Easy to carry and zippered bottom.
  • Interior Velcro loop strips and four-color options.
  • There are fewer reviews available.

#9. 40L Military Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag

Lifewit 40L Military Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag

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By: Lifewit

It is another great bug out bag, which comes with the molle expansion system. This is compatible with a hydration bladder and is resistant to scratch, wear, and water. This is made of strong nylon fabric and includes strong SBS zippers. Moreover, this has a waterproof coating and has a large capacity. It comes in a user-friendly design and has adjustable shoulder straps.

This has a chest strap and comes with waist support. Furthermore, it has large zipper pockets and includes a wall pocket and zipper mesh pocket that can accommodate a wide range of items. This is very useful and comes in an attractive design. This can be an ideal product for your adventurous ride, including hiking, hunting, and fishing. This will not fade and lets you hang your water bottle.

  • SBS zipper, durable nylon fabric, and water repellent.
  • Comfortable to carry and different pockets.
  • Large capacity and compatible with a hydration bladder.
  • The product is slightly bulky than most.

#8. 40L Tactical Waterproof Military Bug Out Bag

40L Tactical Backpack:Assault Pack:Waterproof Military Backpack:Bug Out Bag

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By: Nuosheng

Available in a large capacity, this bug out bag is perfect for shooting, trekking, camping, hiking, and other adventurous journeys. This is made of tough nylon fabric and is durable. It is waterproof and prevents splashing of water. Moreover, the bag is resistant to wear and gives protection to your items. This has molle loading external system and includes smooth zippers.

It has a lid zipper pocket and includes many other compartments that can hold different types of items. Furthermore, this has a high-strength buckle, and the main compartment is in an expandable design. This is ideal for a three-day assault pack and lets you organize your tools in a better way. It is in a perfect dimension and can accommodate delicate items.

  • Nylon fabric, waterproof, and durable.
  • Expandable main compartments and high-strength buckle.
  • Wear resistant and molle loading external system.
  • The bag is small for a standard laptop.

#7. Tactical Backpack + Hydration Bladder With Emergency Tools & Survival Gear

Tactical Backpack + Hydration Bladder with Emergency Tools & Survival Gear, Bug Out Bag Kit

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By: Gearrific

Made with nylon, this is a very functional bug out bag. This has a capacity of 40L and is in an extendable design. It comes with a complete set of a hydration bladder, camp shovel, utility case, American flag patch, and other emergency items. Moreover, it is in four different colors and is affordable. This is perfect for any kind of adventure and can handle 72 hours of wilderness.

You can also use it as a commuter bag as it can compress to 22L. Furthermore, this includes a padded laptop sleeve and has strong utility pockets. This also has a removable waist strap and includes an oversized buckle. This has an adjustable chest strap, which has load-absorbing elastic. The Velcro access point on the hydration port makes it a very useful product.

  • Complete set and easy to carry.
  • Extendable design and adjustable straps.
  • Durable, padded CCW pocket and double stitching.
  • It is expensive than most.

#6. Military Tactical Backpack With Bottle Holder

Military Tactical Backpack w:Bottle Holder, Small 3 Day Assault Pack Army Molle Bug Out Bag

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Available in an upgraded version, this bug out bag has a generous capacity of 34L. This is made of durable fabric and is very lightweight. This is very durable and has double stitching. This has a capacity of 34L and is resistant to water. Moreover, this is compatible with hydration and is suitable for various purposes. In this, you will find utility cord pulls and includes front compression system.

Furthermore, this has a water bottle holder for your convenience and has a different molle system. It has a stylish appearance and is very comfortable to carry with its padded back. You will also find breathable shoulder straps that do not cause any stress on your shoulders. Overall, it is one of the best bug out bags.

  • Large capacity and different molle system.
  • Water-resistant, durable, lightweight, and comfortable carrying.
  • Hydration compatible and front-load compression.
  • There is no negative point to talk about.

#5. Military Tactical Molle Bug Out Bag

SHARKMOUTH Military Tactical Backpack 3 Day Small Assault Pack MOLLE Bug Out Bag

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If you are looking for a durable bug out bag, then this is the one for you. This is made of durable fabric and is water-resistant. This has double-stitched with heavy-duty zippers and comes with multiple compartments. It has ventilated mesh padding in the shoulder and back area that lets you carry it with ease.

Moreover, this has a hydration insulation layer that keeps your liquid cool for almost four hours. It also has a unique molle system and includes SBS metal zipper. Furthermore, the bag comes in four different colors and is ideal for outdoor camping. This is very reliable and has wide waist straps that allow you to keep your phone and take it out easily.

  • Unique molle system and durable polyester fabric.
  • Hydration insulation layer and multiple compartments with zippered pockets.
  • Water-resistant and large capacity.
  • The product is relatively small.

#4. Earthquake Emergency Survival Kit Bug Out Bag

EVERLIT Earthquake Emergency Kits Survival Kit 72 Hrs 2 Person Bug Out Bag

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Packed with everything you need in an adventure, this bug out bag includes many different tools. This is made of denier polyester and is very durable. This is resistant to water and tear and has durable zippers. Moreover, this has mesh padding on the back that provides you with a comfortable carrying experience. It also has padded shoulder straps that relieve your shoulder from pain and can withstand tough use.

It comes with 200 pieces of first aid kit and comes with a tactical molle. Furthermore, this includes a survival gear, thermal blanket, flashlight, emergency shelter, and combat tourniquets. You will also be finding water purification tablets and is perfect for two people. It room food and water, safety protection, first aid kits, and important survival gears. All in all, it is one of the best bug out bags to buy.

  • Water resistant, tear resistant, and denier polyester material.
  • Padded back for comfortable carrying.
  • Includes emergency items with water purification tablets.
  • There is no con to talk about.

#3. 98-In-1 Emergency Outdoor Kits

Emergency Survival Kit | Ultimate 98-in-1 Outdoor Multi-Tools

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By: Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival

Here is a bug out bag that comes with a complete emergency kit. This is ideal for any kind of outdoor adventure and is perfect survival gear. It includes many items, including tweezers, scissors, band-aids, adhesive tape, bandage, first aid guide, and others. Moreover, this is in a portable size and can accommodate all the tools. It is lightweight and comes in an easy to carry design. The bag is available in two different colors and is very durable.

Furthermore, this includes a durable waterproof LED light that can withstand boiling water. The bag is perfect for hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping and is in an ergonomic design. This is very reliable and lets you prepare for the adventure. It is a 98-in-1 bag set and has durable zippers.

  • Easy to use and a complete set of emergency tools.
  • Easy access to items and spacious design.
  • Two colors option and lightweight.
  • The product is slightly more expensive.

#2. Military Tactical Army Molle Bug-Out Bag

Gelindo Military Tactical Backpack, Hydration Backpack, Army Molle Bug-Out Bag

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By: Gelindo

This is a very stylish and useful bug out bag, which has a spacious insulation compartment. This can keep your liquid cool or warm for almost four hours. The bag has a capacity of 35L and can accommodate electrical items. Moreover, this has mesh bags and elastic belts on the interior that keeps your items in a secure way. You will also find mesh compartments and tool slots on the front pouch. Considering all the features, it is one of the best bug out bags on the list.

In this, you will find a wide waist belt that is perfect for taking out small items. Furthermore, this has adjustable and breathable shoulder straps along with a ventilated back support to provide you a comfortable carrying experience. You can easily add your accessory bags as it has molle mount points on both the front and bag. This is perfect for adventures and includes adjustable buckle straps. It is definitely one of the best bug out bags to purchase.

  • Large capacity and interior elastic belts.
  • Multiple compartments and ventilated back support.
  • Adjustable buckle straps and molle mount points.
  • There are just too many straps.

#1. Tactical Military Molle 34L Survival Bug Out Bag

Orca Tactical Military Molle Backpack Small Army Salish 34L 1 or 2 Day Survival Bug Out Bag

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By: Orca Tactical

With a capacity of 34L, this bug out bag has two large compartments, which are perfect for holding bulkier items. The main compartment has a zippered pocket, an elastic band, and a mesh pocket for your convenience. This is made of 600D polyester and is very strong. It is ideal for any kind of adventure as the bag is scratch proof and water-resistant. Furthermore, this has double stitching on all the stress points and has durable zippers.

This is comfortable to carry and is breathable. Moreover, this has a back compartment that is perfect for a laptop or a water bladder. You can take it for any adventurous trip like hunting, hiking, camping, and even school. The bag has padded shoulder straps and includes adjustable waist straps to provide you comfort. This also has Velcro molle webbing and is perfect for providing you flexibility.

  • Durable material, scratchproof, and water-resistant.
  • Multiple compartments and a dedicated laptop compartment.
  • Breathable, easy to carry, and adjustable waist straps.
  • There is no con at all.


The above-mentioned best bug out bags has different features and is made of different materials. It is very durable and can fit in different items at a time. With it, you can easily survive for more time in the wilderness. It has a sturdy structure and is very durable. Most of it comes with molle attachment and give protection from water. You can easily keep in a hydration bladder in this and can accommodate food and water. If you are planning for any outdoor trip like fishing, hiking, trekking, and camping, then a bug out bag becomes a must-have product for you.

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