Discover The 8 Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands Review

Improve your surround sound with one of the best bookshelf speaker stands in the market. It goes along with most TVs when watching films or listening to high-quality music. Also, it ensures you have the right position for that superb audio experience without the need for changing the angle or location area constantly. This device is usually compact and yet strong enough to hold a considerable amount of load. You can stage your satellite, bookshelf, or Bluetooth speaker on it depending on compatibility. If you want to enjoy all these benefits, you can pick one of the best bookshelf speaker stands we have in this review.

List of The Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands

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#8. Concept 20 Speaker Stand Pair

Q Acoustics Concept 20 Speaker Stand Pair (White)

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By: Q Acoustics

Just like its name, this device improves the acoustic experience in your house. The set has two speaker stands with a beautiful lacquered finish. Not only that but also they are multi-layered in high gloss white colors for added beauty and style coordination. Set them up in your living room, lounging area, gaming center, or other suitable entertainment location. Note that you can keep the black option to suit the current room decor you have. Another thing this best bookshelf speaker stand has is a unique Gelcore cabinet construction system for a resonance-free and an aesthetically pleasing floor stand.

Furthermore, these items have a steel mounting feet that replace the Concept’s 20 rubber ones. They are sturdy and hold the stand securely in one place for a long time. You don’t have to worry about wobbles or unnecessary shakes when watching an action-packed movie. This accessory is constructed from a thick MDF with armored glass outriggers, that offer maximum stability. Whether you fix them on solid floors or carpets, you can use the supplied rubber spike covers. Additional features include two GelCore Top Plates, four floor spikes, and eight speaker mounting bolts.

  • Improves sound quality
  • Lovely lacquered white finish
  • Has a resonance-free capability
  • Stable and quality-made steel feet
  • Easy to install
  • Only two color choices

#7. Speaker Stands For Bookshelf Set

SANUS BF31-B1 31 Speaker Stands for Bookshelf Speakers

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By: Sanus

The SANUS speaker stand has a 31-inch size suitable for small bookshelf speakers that weigh less than 20 lbs. It is made of solid MDF, which has an excellent energy-absorbing element for durability and also reliability. It holds your speakers fr as long as you want without giving in or wobbling. Also, this material requires zero to no maintenance for added user convenience. The pillar supports a 5″ x 5″ top plate after you complete the assembly. Use the instructions that have easy to understand directions to make the set up a breeze.

Featuring quality speaker isolation pads, they are constructed from neoprene for superior audio quality. The material also maintains flexibility even in used in different temperature ranges. What’s more, this gadget has an ABS carpet spikes that you push into your rugs to get the ultimate stability. You can remove the protectors when cleaning the floor or carpeted area. With a concealed wire path, it quickly hides the speaker cables to bring out an organized and clean look in any room. Furthermore, the set has two stands to hold two speakers at the same time. These top bookshelf speaker stands have a black finish for added room’s appeal.

  • For small bookshelf speakers
  • Holds up to 20 pounds
  • Solid and durable MDF
  • Quality ABS carpet spikes
  • Concealed wire path
  • A bit pricey

#6. Speaker Stands For Bookshelf

Atlantic 77335799 Speaker Stands for Bookshelf Speakers

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By: Atlantic

Assembling some of the bookshelf speaker stands in the market can be quite hard. These by Atlantic, are super easy to set up thanks to their simple construction. They have stable and non-marring feet to let you complete the assembly in minutes. Also, plastic spikes have enough strength to keep your unit steady even in the highest speaker volume. You can push them into the holes in the base to eliminate wobbles. Moreover, this best bookshelf speaker stand measures 30 inches tall x 10 inches long x 10 inches wide. It occupies minimal floor room for a space-saving listening action.

Another advantage we like is the 45-degree mount that adjusts easily to suit various needs. You can add to any home entertainment system as you achieve the perfect position for the bookshelf speakers. Besides, concealing any messy speaker wires you have is much more comfortable with the wire management system. It is hollow and designed in the pedestal part of this unit with a rear opening. Now you can keep the entertainment area clean, neat, and inviting. Made of premium steel, you can place a 20-pound speaker safely to get maximum support.

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Stable and non-marring feet
  • Space-saving design
  • Adjustable 45-degree mount
  • Keeps cable neat and hidden
  • The plastic spikes are quite brittle

#5. Heavy Duty Adjustable Height Stands

VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite

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By: VideoSecu

The VideoSecu speaker stands have high compatibility with the most-used speakers. You can mount your JBL, KEF, Polk, Klipsch, Sony, Harmon Kardon, Bose, Pioneer, Yamaha, Sony, and others. Also, the design extends from 26.5 inches to 47 inches to meet everyone’s listening and mounting needs. This top-rated bookshelf speaker stand is stylish when staged in any room, such as gaming, entertainment, and lounging areas. Boasting of a sleek black finish, the color never goes out of style for added aesthetics.

In addition, this item’s steel support is steady to hold a 30-pound weight securely. You can now mount your preferred speaker to improve the surround or stereo sound. We love the top plate that allows you to side-clamp your stand. Not only that but also you can adjust the width from 5.5 inches to 11 inches. Besides, the plate tilts +/-10 degrees and rotates up to 180 degrees for you to get the best level. The adjustable rubber feet let you screw-in on a hard floor or carpet for added stability. Conceal messy wires using the modern cable management channel.

  • High compatibility
  • Adjustable height
  • Sleek black finish
  • Solid steel support
  • Easy to setup
  • The base needs more stability

#4. Height Adjustable Speaker Stands

PERLESMITH Speaker Stands Extend 30-45 Inch

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There’s a reason why the PERLESMITH unit is among the best bookshelf speaker stands in 2021. it comes with an adjustable height to let everyone adjust the level to suit different sound applications. Not only that but also the extendable tube extends between 30″ to 45″ for the perfect surround or stereo sound. This item’s sturdy triangle base is designed from cast iron, which delivers excellent stability. It can hold up to 8 pounds of weight per stand securely. Use the required hardware and manuals to enjoy an easy installation.

Furthermore, the two foundation options allow a versatile placement on different floor areas. You can attach the nails and nut for a carpet or the rubber protectors for tiled, wooden or cement floors. This helps the stand from sliding or shaking at the highest speaker volume level. What’s more, a cable management system hides wires from eye view to keep the area neater. You can cable through the widened tube diameter that can be divided into three parts more quickly. Note that the cord hole does not work with the Samsung HW-q90r. This unit can hold Bluetooth, satellite, or small bookshelf speakers such as JBL, Sony, Bose, or Samsung.

  • Adjustable height
  • Sturdy triangle base
  • Easy to install
  • Improves surround sound
  • Two foundation options
  • The feet are not powder-coated

#3. Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand

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By: Sanus

Another great bookshelf speaker stand we have is the Sanus, which has a versatile design. You can use it to hold up to 3.5 pounds of satellite speakers such as Polk, JBL, Bose, Harmon Kardon, Sony, and more. Not only that but also its 10-inch height helps optimize your listening experience. You can adjust it to meet your comfort and listening levels for the best audio output. Moreover, this item has a modern collar that makes changing the height super easy. Ensure the speakers are between 28 inches to 38 inches for maximum compatibility. The floor pads keep your surfaces free of scratches and dents.

This speaker stand is crafted from superior steel for longevity and appeal. The metal has better strength and also wear-resistance than the rest to add more user value. What’s more, the extensive base comes in handy to offer additional support for that high-quality sound. Featuring a built-in cable management solution, it keeps all your speaker cables neat and organized. Not only that, but also accessing the wires is much more manageable. The included L-shaped brackets, sturdy top plate, and a convenient keyhole adapter help maximize speaker compatibility.

  • Versatile design
  • Holds up to 3.5-pound load
  • Adjustable stand height
  • Durable and stable floor pads
  • Wide and secure base
  • The floor pads are tedious to apply

#2. Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands

VIVO Premium Universal 23 inch Floor Speaker Stands

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Messy and dangling cables in your entertainment area should be a thing of the best. With these best bookshelf speaker stands, they come with modern cable management to hide wires for an organized look. Also, they improve the setup look to make it more inviting, especially if you are having guests over. Boasting a universal sound system design, these items work well for bookshelf and satellite speakers. You can now connect them easily at home to improve the surround sound.

Also, we love the simple and set up-friendly dimension of this accessory. Its top shelf has a size of 8″ x 8″ and the bottom is 10″ x 10″. It occupies little floor space suitable for large and compact rooms, such as an entertainment center. Besides, this accessory has a glass and aluminum construction for that sleek black appearance. It brightens up any location, such as the living room without color-clashing. The included rubber feet and even carpet spikes let you enjoy a flexible foundation choice. Both are reliable and help increase floor protection as well as stability.

  • Helps hide messy cables
  • Works well for satellite speakers
  • Improves surround sound
  • The floor protectors increase stability
  • Easy to install
  • The screw-in legs are pointed

#1. Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands

Bose 31089 FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands

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By: Bose

Most of the older brands that make the best bookshelf speaker stands include Bose. It has been in operation for quite some time, and these items keep your speakers sturdy and secure. Not only that but also they raise them for you to enjoy clear audio. This product has a 24-inch height from the floor to expand your decorating and sound options. You can stage them in the gaming room, living room, lounging, or entertainment center. Besides, they are compatible with the direct or reflecting Bose 301 and 201 speakers.

Furthermore, these units have a stylish black and silver finish that is sold in a pair. You can mix and match them with your other audio components such as speakers and much more. Made of longlasting and wear-proof materials, you’ll enjoy maximum durability and simple maintenance. Although some users feel that the assembly is a bit hard, it’s doable. Follow the instructions or watch some of the online video tutorials to smoothen the setup process.

  • Sturdy and secure design
  • Helps improve audio output
  • Expands decorating room options
  • Compatible with 301 and 201 Bose speakers
  • Sleek and modern finish
  • Assembly is hard


Using the best bookshelf speaker stand is an affordable and reliable way to improve tour acoustic home experience. It is a sturdy pole that supports small-sized speakers such as satellite, bookshelf, or Bluetooth speakers. Also, mounting the device is easy and requires just a few minutes. Other designs have excellent compatibility to hold the most-used sound equipment.

You can install a JBL, KEF, Polk, Klipsch, Sony, Harmon Kardon, Bose, Pioneer, Yamaha, or Sony speaker when using the VideoSecu stand. Besides, black or white are the most common finishes because of their simple and easy to coordinate style. Check out the above items and pick one of the best bookshelf speaker stands to improve sound output.

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