Discover Top 12 Best Blu Ray Players Reviews in 2020

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Launched several years ago, Blu-Ray discs are still popular even today, and to cater to the ever-rising demand for better products, manufacturers are always investing in the best technology. You will find best Blu Ray players featuring 4K resolution, full Wi-Fi connectivity, Easy upscale, and much more. This means you get better picture clarity, vibrant images, better color and sound, and compatibility with other devices is better.

However, not all products will serve you well. Yes, it may have crystal clear images, but the sound may not be the best. Yes, it will support 4K and HDMI, but the remote control may not be super responsive. You also want a piece that is sturdily built and will last for many years. Without adequate information, knowledge, or proper guidance, it is very easy to make a wrong decision. In the following review, we will peek at the best Blu ray players in 2020.

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#12. Blu Ray Player With 4K HDR & Dolby Vision

Sony 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray Player with 4K HDR and Dolby Vision + 6FT HDMI Cable - (UBP-X700)

By: Sony

This option by Sony is rated as among the best Blu Ray Players. It may be simple and basic but delivers exceptional service. The pictures are excellent and less prone to freezing or lag. It has 4K Ultra HD resolution that delivers exceptionally clear images. The sound is also of high quality and is not affected much by background noise. It comes in a relatively small size is also lightweight. It will not look too bulky or out of place even in a small setting. The player is also stylish and sleek to improve the overall appearance as well as that of the surrounding décor.

The control buttons are well placed for easy access and are also responsive. A simple touch is all you need. Alternatively, you can use the included remote control, which also works great. It has several inputs ports, including USB, HDMI, and Ethernet for easy connectivity with other devices. Other than just Blu Ray Players, it should work with DVD and CD. It operates seamlessly and quietly and should last for many years.

  • Modern looking and elegant
  • Easy to operate
  • Good picture and sound quality
  • Energy-efficient and space-saving
  • Looks a bit basic

#11. 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray Player

SANYO 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray Player


When it comes to electronics, Sanyo is one of the oldest names in the industry for Blu Ray Players. With such experience, you can count on them to deliver. This Blu ray player is one of the top sellers of Blu Ray Players from the company. It comes in a simple design but is very effective. You get amazing pictures, which are less susceptible to freezing or lag. A closer look reveals that it is based on modern 4K UHD technology. This means that the images will be exceptionally clear. The same case applies to the sound where you enjoy high quality and noise-free sound. This is courtesy of the modern and newly improved Dolby Audio, DTS 2.0.

This player is a relatively small accessory, measuring 10.3 (L) x 2.0(H) x 8.2(W) inches. At the same time time, it is also lightweight, weighing just 2.9 pounds. Along with that, it comes with several inputs ports, including USB, HDMI, and Ethernet. Other than Blu ray, it also supports DVD-R/DVD-RW, DVD Video, DVD+R/+RW, CD-DA, and CD-R/RW. It is compact and occupies little space. The accessory also runs fairly silent and looks stylish and modern. It should serve you well for many years.

  • Comes already assembled
  • Easy to operate
  • Good picture quality and resolution
  • Decent sound quality
  • It does not come with an HDMI cable

#10. Wired Streaming Blu-Ray Player With High-Speed HDMI Cable

Sony BDPS1700 Wired Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player with 6ft High-Speed HDMI Cable (Renewed)

By: Amazon Renewed

If you want an excellent Blu ray player but want to spend the least amount of money, you should find this unit the right choice. Yes, it may be amongst the most affordable. However, the service it delivers is quite good. It gets a nod for exceptional clarity, colorful and vibrant images. The reason for this is the high-resolution courtesy of the Full HD 1080p, making it among the amazing Blu Ray Players. The pictures don’t seem to freeze or lag like some pieces out there. And although it may not support the latest 4k UHD resolution, the picture clarity of this unit is impressive.

The unit also has good sound quality which isn’t easily affected by background noises. You will hear the different parameters, including bass, treble, and pitch, quite clearly at high, medium, and low volume. It supports streaming and works with more than 300 apps. You can also connect it to game consoles such as PlayStation. It helps Upscaling will be able to playback DVD. Being a small and compact piece, you shouldn’t worry too much about it taking up too much space. Carrying it is also convenient thanks to its relatively lightweight.

  • Looks good and works okay
  • Relays very clear and colorful images
  • The sound quality and volume are good
  • Will playback Bluray as well as DVD
  • It is a refurbished unit

#9. 3D Blu-Ray Player (Renewed)

Samsung BD-JM63 3D Blu-Ray Player, Black (Renewed)

By: Amazon Renewed

Watching movies will be more entertaining and exciting with this blue ray player from Samsung. This unit has been in the market for a while and consumes to enjoy positive comments from consumers and experts. It gets the appreciation for the superb pictures, which improve the experience. Not to mention that it comes with near 4K UHD, which is the most advanced technology. This best blu ray player relays very sharp pictures and is very colorful. Besides, a smart unit comes with dual-band Wi-Fi. This lets the user to stream content much faster and more effectively. It also makes browsing the web easier.

Another smart feature is 3D playback, which brings out the 3D experience that is usually experienced in cinema theaters. We also love the sound that is clear and is less affected by interference and noise. The unit comes with Dolby DTS 7.1 that supports a systems surround. The blue-ray has Upscaling for playing back DVD. Like other featured pieces, it compact and lightweight and comes in a space-efficient design. It is also not very noisy during operation, no doubt why it is one of the popular Blu Ray Players.

  • High quality built and affordable
  • Supports 3D Blu-ray payback
  • Exceptional picture and sound quality
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • The manual controls are not raised high enough

#8. Region Free Blu-ray Player With Smart Wifi

Sony BDP-S3700 Region Free Blu-ray Player, Multi Region Smart Wifi 110-240 volts, 6FT HDMI Cable

By: Dynastar

Your search for a reliable Blu-ray player will probably lead you to the Sony BDP-S3700 unit. It has been around for some time and is still a popular pick. Coming from one of the leading firms, you have more certainty in regards to reliability and durability. This particular model gives big names such as LG, Yamaha, Phillips, Panasonic, and Yamaha a run for their money. It has great picture quality, amazing full HD 1080p resolution, vibrant color, and the depth looks rich and is deep. The Upscaling is quite good and comes with full Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to effectively stream content.

One thing we give the company the thumb up is keeping the size modest. It has a smaller footprint than most other options, which means it takes up minimal space. It is also a relatively light unit and compact. You, therefore, should not have trouble moving around with it. The well-built and high-quality piece fetches a decent price. It comes with no region restrictions and can be used in most areas. With proper handling and care, you should enjoy great picture quality for many years.

  • The picture quality is quite good
  • It offers good value for money
  • The remote control is very responsive
  • Good quality and durable
  • It doesn’t come with a display

#7. 4K Ultra HD 3D Blu-Ray Player With Remote Control

2017 LG 4K Ultra HD 3D Blu-ray Player with Remote Control, HDR Compatibility, Upconvert DVDs

By: LG

There is no question that LG is among the respected brands in the market. Of its many products, this one does stand out. It has been in the scene for some time and continues to dominate the market. The first notable thing about it is the trendy and sleek design. Not only does this make it more noticeable but will also complement other devices as well as the surrounding. It is a good choice for anyone searching for a high-quality piece but is wary of spending too much money on it. It is a relatively small and slim piece and will not require lots of space. It’s also a very portable thanks to its lightweight and design.

The True 4K Ultra HD and compatibility with HDR offers a stunning picture to make the experience count. For the cinema-like experience, you also get 3D technology. We also took notice of the amazing sound quality, which feels sharp, clear, and crisp. It, however, isn’t very loud, especially for large spaces. The price seems pretty modest for its quality and rich features. And from what current owners are saying, it is a sturdy unit that will put up with the use well. It does not get too hot even after a long operation and also runs quietly.

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • The remote control has a good range
  • The sound quality is decent
  • Good HDR support
  • It doesn’t come with HDMI & USB cables

#6. Region Free Blu Ray Player

LG Region Free Blu Ray Player - Modified Full Multi Zone A B C Playback - Wifi Compatible, 110-240 Volts

By: LG

If good picture quality and sound is what you want, you would not mind giving this Blu ray player a thought. It may appear simple from its looks but is feature-rich. It supports full HD 1080p resolution, full Wi-Fi, Dvd Upscaling, and much more. In the end, you will enjoy amazing picture quality. The unit works seamlessly and isn’t affected by lag or delays. To make watching movies even more worthwhile, it comes with quality audio. The full native 4K provides decent playback while the upscale will work with non-4K content quite well. It’s an advanced unit that supports things such as apps.

It feels solid and handling the use, heat, movement, and environmental factors should not be a problem. It is also a lightweight piece and is fairly silent. One thing that a few consumers complain about is the limited information on the display. Nevertheless, with what is already contained therein, you should enjoy the experience. The sleek and smooth finish is not only elegant and stylish but also easy to maintain. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is all you need to clean it.

  • Setting up and operating the device is easy
  • It is lightweight and compact
  • Superior picture and sound
  • High resolution and good color
  • The display does not have lots of information

#5. 4K Upscaling 3D Streaming Blu-Ray Player With Built-In WiFi

Sony BDP-S6700 4K Upscaling 3D Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player Built-in WiFi - 5 Pack Kit

By: Sony

This best blue ray player will make movie watching more exciting. For the time it has been in the market, it is enjoyed and still is enjoying positive comments and reviews from consumers and analysts. One thing people like is the excellent pictures and sound which ensure you get the right experience. It comes with a 4K resolution that delivers sharp and clear pictures. The color is also quite good. We love the audio, which is clear at a low and high volume too. It does not have a scratchy effect and does not hiss. The accessory comes with Wi-Fi for streaming content and browsing the web. It works faster than most off the competition and maintains a strong connection.

The blue-ray player has an upscale feature that supports DVD playback. This option is slimmer and lighter than most alternatives and does not need too much space. Also, it features a firm base and nice non-slip legs to make certain it doesn’t move. This player runs cool and is not very noisy and comes fully assembled and ready to use. No need for add-ons software, apps, or software. The casing is tough to put up with the use.

  • High quality built and well-priced
  • Good picture and audio
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • It has no display

#4. Region Free Blu-Ray Player With HDMI Cable

LG BP175 Region Free Blu-ray Player, Multi-Region 110-240 Volts, 6FT HDMI Cable

By: Dynastar

Anyone who desires a reliable Blu ray player should find the LG BP175 unit worth acquiring. It is amongst the affordable options in the market but still gives good service. Customers approve of its exceptional picture clarity, sharp and clear images, and the good sound. Setting it up and using it is also relatively straightforward. You also get several inputs/ ports to support other devices, including TV, game consoles, soundbox, and much more. It has a good resolution of full HD 1080p, which plays a key role in the vibrant and sharp images. The pictures are less likely to freeze or flicker.

The sound quality is also decent and is more tolerant of background noises and interference. The different aspects, including bass and treble, are audible even at low volume. It supports streaming and allows you to install apps As well as stream content. The gadget comes with Upscaling capability that allows you to playback DVD as well. The small and compact piece does not require lots of space. It is also portable and easy to carry around courtesy of the lightweight.

  • Great looking and works great
  • High resolution and exceptional picture quality
  • Very clear and vibrant images
  • Good sound quality and volume
  • Doesn’t have a front display

#3. Compact Multi Zone All Region Blu Ray DVD Player

NEW SAMSUNG BD-J5100 (Compact 12W x 2H x 8D) Multi Zone All Region Blu Ray DVD Player

By: Samsung

Talking about the best Blu-ray player, one brand that usually comes up is Samsung. The company already has several top sellers and this one is among the very best. It’s not very new in the market but still ranks as one of the superior choices. It offers excellent picture quality and the sound is also quite good. You get good color and depth, which, together with the amazing depth and richness, bring out the right experience. The unit supports full HD1080p as well as Upscaling. You also get full Wi-Fi connectivity for effectively streaming content.

One thing we like about it is the small and compact size. It is smaller than most alternatives and will occupy minimal space. Moreover, it is lightweight and moving around with or carrying it should not have any issues. It is well-built, durable, and high quality and should last for a long time. Also, it is energy efficient and keeps the power consumption low. We also cannot fail to mention its sleek and trendy design that blends well with any surrounding.

  • Great picture quality and sound
  • Very responsive remote control
  • Great value for money
  • Good quality and longlasting
  • No power on indicator

#2. Multi-Region Zone Free Blu-Ray DVD Player

Sony BDP-S6500 Upgraded Multi-Region Zone Free Blu-Ray DVD Player

By: Sony

This is one of the best Blu ray players in the market. It’s also among the decently priced unit and should be a good pick for first-time owners. Although very affordable, the quality is quite good. Here we are talking about the picture, sound, and build. It’s a trendy piece that will enhance the overall appeal of the surrounding. It comes with 2K/4K resolution, which relays clear pictures. The colors are also vibrant, the images are sharp and have good contrast. The audio is also on point and isn’t finicky even at high volume. It isn’t a very large piece and will, therefore, not take up too much space. It is also easy to carry thanks to its lightweight and slimmer design.

Operating the unit, even for a novice, is simple and easy. The buttons, as well as a remote control, are very responsive and the range is also good. The device supports full Wi-Fi for easy streaming and is also super silent. The device also stays cool at all times and isn’t a power hog.

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • High quality and feature-rich
  • Sturdy built and affordable
  • Stays cool even after long operation
  • Runs seamlessly and quietly
  • It’s not super quiet

#1. 4K-Upscaling Blu-Ray DVD Player With Super Wi-Fi & Remote Control

Sony BDPS6700 4K-Upscaling Blu-ray DVD Player with Super Wi-Fi + Remote Control

By: Sony

With this Blu ray player, you’ll enjoy good picture quality and sound. Although simple in appearance and design, it has lots of amazing features. The notable ones are the 4K resolution, full Wi-Fi, 3D, and True Dolby. The unit operates seamlessly and is simple to use even by a novice. Its space-efficient nature suits it even for small spaces. It’s also relatively lightweight for convenient movement and carrying. It comes with full native 4K for good playback and will upscale non-4K content quite well. The superior piece relays colorful and vibrant images and the sound is quite amazing.

It is well built from durable materials to handle the operation, knocks, movement, and more. It also runs quietly and this makes it a good option even for the very quiet environments. The control buttons, just like the remote control, are very responsive. It also is ergonomically designed for easy handling. One thing that most consumers love is the sleek and modern look, which blends well with other devices as well as décor. It is also easy to maintain and does not become dusty or dirty easily.

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • It is lightweight and compact
  • Good picture and sound quality
  • Colorful, vibrant and high resolution
  • The remote is somewhat small


After going through this review, finding the most suitable product should not be that hard. We factored in the most important things. These include resolution, picture clarity, sound quality, smart features, reliability, and user-friendliness, compatibility with other devices, and much more. They are easy to operate, come with sensitive and responsive buttons and remote control as well. All the above products score highly and that is why they deserve the best blu ray players titles. With the right product, watching movies will be more fun, exciting, and rewarding.

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