Top 12 Best Battery Tenders Of All Time – Review

During the offseason, you can leave your car fully charged by using a battery charger. It helps maintain the stored voltage without overcharging. Also, this device is perfect for loading up most types of battery with either 6 volts or 12 volts. In this review, we have the best battery tender in the market.

The Best Battery Tenders In 2021

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#12. Fully Automatic Battery Charger

BLACK+DECKER BM3B Fully Automatic 6V:12V Battery Charger

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The above battery charger by Black +Decker offers a high frequency to not only charge but ensure the voltage is retained. This helps to keep cells in stored cars and other applications at best capacity during offseason. It can charge 12-volt GEL, WET, and AGM batteries in specialty vehicles, RVs, classic and antique cars, motorcycles, marine deep cycle cells, lawnmowers, watercraft, snowmobiles, and ATVs. Operating this handy device is simple even for the beginner by sliding the voltage selector switch to the voltage type you prefer suitable for your battery and using the ring and clip terminals. A bonus feature is the Quick Disconnect Harness that connects and disconnects your device in seconds as the Energy-Save mode ensures there is no current draw as it uses low power consumption.

This gadget stops loading automatically when the battery is topped off or fully charged and switches to float mode to maintain charge. With integrated circuit protection, it prevents overcharging, short circuit, and reverse polarity for improved safety performance and safety. You can use the provided mounting bracket for quick and convenient placement.

  • Charges and maintains voltage
  • Easy to connect
  • Automatically stop loading when the battery is full
  • Inbuilt circuit protection guards
  • Quality construction
  • Poor instructions

#11. Automatic Lead Acid Best Battery Charger

12V to 14.8V Automatic Lead Acid Best Battery Charger

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By: OrionMotorTech

We understand some battery charges damage the battery during and after extended use. For this one, it has a safe construction that charges 12-volt lead-acid batteries like the sealed maintenance free and flooded types making it the best unit for a motorcycle, truck, boat, and other vehicles, it comes with a fully automatic system to eliminate manuals operation as you plugin and let the process start. Also, you don’t have to continually monitor the action as the mechanism maintains accurate voltage for an extended time.

A plus feature is a microprocessor-controlled program which controls the entire procedure and stops when your unit is full. Then, it monitors the voltage and maintains cell with a float charging current up to a maximum of 14.8 volts. This accessory applies a spark-free mechanism to prevent any sparks and also has a design that safeguards against short circuits. Additionally, its energy-saving structure featuring an LED indicator displays the charging status to keep you up to speed. Use the positive clips with a red mark and the negative one with black printing for best results.

  • Charges all 12V lead-acid batteries
  • Fully automated system
  • Versatile
  • Microprocessor controlled technology
  • Easy operation
  • Take longer to reach a complete charge

#10. Trickle Car Battery Charger

Trickle Charger RAVPower Car Battery Charger

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By: RAVPower

RAVPower charger has a pocket-friendly price and gives you a reliable performance. It can charge two times faster than others in the market to minimize the time used for loading. With a powerful 12v output, you can quickly reload an SLA car battery for you to drive over sooner. It comes with smarter features to improve safety as it protects your vehicle cell with intelligent circuits against short circuit, reverse polarity, voltage, and current surge. This makes it more advanced and at the same time, ensure a hands-free experience.

Boasting of high versatility, this device is suitable for most cars and adapts to all types of 12-volt batteries using the alligator or ring connectors. The connectors are made from quality materials to withstand extreme use and improve speed. We take note of the intuitive indicators that help you monitor the battery charging statues to know when it is time to unplug and go.

  • Powerful and reliable
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Simple to maintain
  • Quality-made detachable alligator clips
  • Safer and smarter design
  • Not the greatest quality

#9. 3.5 Amp European Smart Battery Charger & Maintainer

NOCO G3500EU 6V:12V 3.5 Amp European Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer

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If you want the best battery charger and maintainer, you have found it. The NOCO device has a versatile structure to quickly load a battery in hours such as trucks, boats, RVs, loan mowers, and others up to 120 amp-hours. This makes it is ideal for keeping cars completely-charged and maintained for long-term storage or all-year-round maintenance to improve longevity and performance. Also, it works well with both 12v and 6v lead-acid cells like the AGM, GEL, WET, or standard automotive marine, deep-cycle, or maintenance-free battery. Now you have a handy gadget that gives you a worry-free service without overcharging or short-circuiting.

When preparing to start the loading process, plug-in this accessory and let the charging technology automatically monitor the battery. Also, the advanced Repair Mode efficiently reverses any damaging effects when a battery is left uncharged for an extended period to improve its performance. A bonus functionality is the optimized charge mode that has a unique system to charge and maintain a 12-volt lithium-ion cell safely. For best results, use it with an internal BMS.

  • Charges and maintains
  • Versatile
  • Faster loading
  • Improves performance
  • Lightweight
  • The LED user interface could be better to avoid referring to the manual

#8. Genius 750mA Battery Charger

NOCO Genius G750 6V:12V 750mA Battery Charger

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NOCO battery charger offers you the most convenient and dependable way to load and maintain a vehicle as it extends the battery life. You can use it all through for proper car, boat, RV, lawnmower, truck, and other vehicle performance. Also, it is multipurpose to recharge smaller capacity cells on ATV, motorcycles, watercraft, snowmobiles, and even scooters. If you have a power wheel at home, no more worries about the battery life. You can use this gadget that provides up to 30-amp-hours. Boasting of advanced technology, it works with 6 and 12-volt lead-acid batteries like AGM, GEL, and WET or standard automotive, maintenance-free, deep cycle, or marine batteries.

The above accessory keeps your cell completely charged without overcharging to enhance safety. Plugin and the charging system automatically monitors and maintain your cell. Moreover, it comes with reverse polarity protection that protects against polarity issues and also spark-proof technology to prevents sparks when connecting and disconnecting the battery. It has a lovely finish which looks excellent, making it an ideal fit for a loved one who needs a reliable battery charging unit.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • All-year-round maintenance
  • Recharges smaller capacity cells
  • Simple to operate
  • Lightweight

#7. Automotive Smart Automatic Charger

Mroinge MBC010 Automotive Trickle Maintainer 12V 1A Smart Automatic Charger

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By: Mroinge

Stop using battery chargers that damage your cell and cost quite a lot and fail to deliver the expected results. Mroinge has come up with this quality-made device that offers a simple operation better than the rest in the same price range. It allows you to smoothly connect to a vehicle and motorcycle battery with the provided battery O-ring terminals and clips. Plus, the 12ft DC cord is long enough to offer maximum flexibility. No more worries about adding extra extensions to move your unit with complete comfort. Another thing is the Spark-proof technology that safeguards against sparks during lead connection, and the reverse polarity protection for added safety as the overcharging protection keeps your battery at optimal voltage level.

This device is suitable for 12-volt lead-acid, sealed maintenance-free, and flooded batteries, including GEL and AGM. Thanks to the 4-step charging program featuring Initialization, Absorption Mode, Bulk Charge, and Float Mode, let you optimization the battery power without causing any damaging effects. Not only does this improve performance but also longevity. You can view the status of the cell with the inbuilt 2-color LED indicator. It has a red and green bulb to let you know when the battery is full or needs more charge. Additionally, the Intelligent IC chip helps to load and maintain the cells with the help of a smart charging program.

  • Easy connection
  • Lovely gift
  • Sleek design
  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight
  • Lacks harness plugs protective covers

#6. 4A Selectable Charger

Battery Tender 022-0209-DL-WH 4A Selectable Charger

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By: Battery Tender

Unlike other battery tenders that need close monitoring, this one has an automated system that avoids overcharging and give you an easy time. This makes it suitable for maintaining your battery’s accurate voltage level storage. Constructed to allow you to leave it connected lets you do other pressing actions around your house and other places. Unplug it from a wall outlet and detach the power cord to store in a safe place. The LED indicator is an excellent addition for you to see the battery status and other diagnostic information more easily.

You can switch it to 6v from 12v at 4A because of the Lithium or AGM ion switchable mechanism. This accessory comes with rings and clips connectors that attach smoothly to the battery points and stay secure until you remove them. No more worries about interrupting loading when you are away. With a Reverse Hook-up protection, your battery has full protection against damages and also overcharging to keep it at the correct state.

  • Strong rings and clip connectors
  • Switchable charging technology
  • Prevents overcharging
  • Lovey design
  • Bright LED indicator
  • A little slow

#5. Automatic Trickle Battery Charger

Foval Automatic Trickle Battery Charger

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If you are looking for an affordable battery tender, this one is an excellent choice. Boasting of a small profile with a dimension of 3.9 x 2.4 x 1.25 inches, it is suitable for most cars and quickly adapts to 12V battery for golf carts, motorcycles, ATVs, automobiles, boats, airplanes, watercraft, RVs, and more using alligator or ring connectors. Also, the charging process is automatic as it switches to float mode to maintain the voltage after a full charge.

Foval comes with intuitive LED indicators that deliver an optimal vision of the charging state and diagnostic information even in maintenance mode. You can see the battery status better even in dark-lit places. This item is ETL listed, which means it has maximum safety features like the reverse polarity protection and a spark-proof function that helps in lead connection. You can use the 8-foot output cable to quickly connect to a power source from a considerable range for a flooded, lead-acid, or sealed maintenance free car battery. Another important feature is a 4-step charging technology with Bulk Charge, Initialization, and Absorption Mode to add more convenience and security.

  • Smart battery charger
  • ETL listed for enhanced safety
  • Spark-proof operation
  • Small structure
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Does not work well for extended storage applications

#4. 1.25 Amp Battery Charger

Battery Tender Plus 021-0128, 1.25 Amp Battery Charger

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By: Battery Tender

If you spend too much money on a battery tender that causes damages to your battery, it is time to change to a more reliable one. The above one is a 1.25A charger that charges a cell quickly and at the same time, maintains it at suitable storage voltage. This process is seamless and does not cause damaging effects generally found in some trickle charges. It is fast and efficient than the rest in the market to give you a comfortable time and hands-free operation. The included quick connect harness lets you attach to those hard to reach areas much smoother without using too much effort.

A 6-ft power cord is long enough to let you connect to your cell in a good distance from the outlet. An advantage is reverse polarity protection that guarantees safety as the red and green indicators alternately blink during this process. When the charge is full, the green flashing will stay constant. This accessory has a new mechanism that switches from a complete load to float charging mode automatically to give you a simple operation.

  • Helps to maintain proper voltage
  • Prevents damages
  • Fast and efficient
  • Quick-connect harness
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Charging larger batteries, it takes a while

#3. SuperSmart Battery Charger

Best Battery Tender 800 is a SuperSmart Battery Charger

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By: Battery Tender

We love this battery tender because of its automated system to give you an easy to use service. It has a SuperSmart charging functionality that helps to maintain the correct voltage during the loading process. You can leave your battery unattended and don’t worry about short-circuiting and sparks, thanks to the short-circuit and spark-proof protection and responsive reverse polarity protection. This gadget has a compact structure almost like a computer mouse and packs 800 milliamps of constant current charging power plus listed in the top boards for Appliance Efficiency Database for added safety.

With a wholly encapsulated interior, it has fantastic capabilities to withstand vibrations, moisture, and shocks. Also, the protective layer is flame resistant and thermally conductive for long-term use. The provided ring terminals and alligator clips are suitable for outdoor types of ATV’s, boats, motorcycles, and places where water is a threat. You can use this charger for an extended time and has a capacity of 800mah, which is enough to perform complete loading cycles.

  • Constantly monitors the battery and charge
  • Moisture-protective by electrical insulation
  • Compact design
  • For all outdoor ATV’s
  • Flame retardant
  • Thermally conductive
  • Short battery cable

#2. Durable Battery Charger

Battery Tender 022-0148-DL-WH 12-Volt

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By: Battery Tender

This best Battery Tender is a brand that specializes in car accessories like the above one that delivers a reliable service. Made from quality plastic material, it can withstand even the harshest pressures to enhance durability. This design and all the components only weigh 3 pounds, which is quite lightweight for you to handle with ease. There is no need to worry about hand fatigue when connecting or to transport from and to different places. It has a unique 4-Bank Battery Management System that can charge at 12 volts per charging bank simultaneously to save you time and add convenience.

The reverse polarity and short circuit protection functionalities work together seamlessly to prevent any overcharging or circuit problems as it protects your battery. Also, a safety timer comes in handy to keep your car cell and runs up to 72 hours. This accessory has a modern design ideal for all absorbed glass mat, flooded and sealed maintenance batteries. If you have either of these types, you can use this unit, making it cost-effective. Although some users have complained about the cord length, it delivers the expected results. With temperature compensated and Microprocessor-controlled charging ensures there is excellent charge voltage according to the current ambient temperature.

  • Microprocessor-controlled charging
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Reverse-polarity protected
  • Spark-proof
  • Short circuit protection
  • Ensures safe charging voltage
  • The plastic body looks flimsy

#1. 12 Volt Junior Automatic Battery Charger

Battery Tender 12 Volt Junior Automatic Battery Charger

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By: Battery Tender

The above tender is suitable for charging all 12v sealed maintenance-free, flooded, or lead-acid batteries. You can use it for these types to prevent purchasing of other accessories. Also, it has a safety timer that goes up to 80 hours to avoid overcharging and other cell damages. The spark-proof mechanism, when connecting lead and a reverse polarity, add more safety and convenience to prevent constant monitoring. Another thing we like is the provided 12-foot output cord made of quality material to give you a smooth operation.

This device has a 4-step charging program, including Float Mode, Initialization, and Bulk Charge that allow you to optimize full battery power without causing faulty issues like overcharging. Not only is this process seamless but also reliable and safe for long-term use. The automatic charge cycle is an excellent functionality that automatically switches to float mode after your cell is fully charged. Plus, its 2-color LED lets you know the charger state and when the battery voltage drops too far for the full charger output power to continue the process.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • 4-step charging
  • 12-ft output cord
  • 2-color LED light
  • Short cord

Buying Guide For The Best Battery Tender

A battery tender can helps charge and maintain your battery to improve performance. Whether you use it for a car, boat, RV, watercraft, motorcycle, or other vehicles, the charging unit has to reliable. We have come up with this guide for you to have a simple buying time when shopping for a high-performing one.

Battery Type

You can pick a tender based on the kind of battery you have. There are different types of cells, including wet cell (flooded), maintenance-free, AGM (absorbed glass mat), VRLA, or Gel cell. The newer loading units can work on all these types, but some only perform on two or more models. Ensure you pick one that fits your needs without compromising on quality.

Battery Size

The next thing you should consider is the battery size. What this means is the amp hours your cell can store and not its physical size. For instance, a standard automatic battery has approximately 50 amp hours, so if you select a charger with 10 amps, it will take around 6 hours to recharge for a completely drained battery. With a marine deep cycle cell with 100 amp-hours using a 10 amp charger, it will need about 11 hours to recharge. To get the accurate t total charge time, take the battery amp hour rating and divide by the charger amp rating, then add about 10% for additional time for topping off the battery. If you want a fast recharge, go for a tender with more amps. For people in no hurry, use a smaller charger. Ensure the charger has enough power to finish the job without hiccups.


Lastly, the charger can load up different devices apart from a car charger. Some work well for almost all 12v and 6v batteries for motorcycles, watercraft, aircraft, RVs, automobiles, scooters, and much more. It does not restrict you to a specific gadget, making them among the favorite to most users. If you want a charger that keeps a vehicle charged during the offseason, go for a simple low current one. For a fast process, choose a more advanced tender that quickly restores a trolling motor or wheelchair battery.


If you are looking for the best battery tenders in the market, we have them in the list. They have advanced features that prevent battery damage and helps to maintain the stored voltage. Read through the different types and select one that has your ideal features to enhance a smooth performance.

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