Top 13 Best Bathtub Mats On The Market In 2021 – Products Review

If you have a bathtub in your bathroom to soak in the stress and strain from your body, you should know that a bathtub mat can make it better. This is because the bathtubs have slippery surface and you know what can happen if you slip. The chance of slipping is high when you are standing or walking on it which you have to do at times. Therefore, investing in a quality bathtub mat can literally save your life and make your bathtub experience safe and comfortable. Check out the best bathtub mats there are to buy from.

The Best Bathtub Mats In 2021

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#13. Peony Non Slip Bathtub Bath Tub Mats

Wimaha Peony Non Slip Bathtub Bath Tub Mats

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By: Wimaha

This non-slip bathtub mat comes with the safe gorilla grip which protects you from an unwanted accident. The basic ingredient of this mat is BPA and Latex free. This mat has no odor, and you can also wash this mat is machine whenever needed. Moreover, you will also get a shower curtain along with this mat. There are 112 suction cups available in this product to give better protection and anti-slip result.

This product is popular for its smooth texture and softness. Furthermore, this bathtub mat gives you a good result on the slippery floor as well for its extra-ordinary slipping resistance ability. Washing the mat in the machine by using cold water and good soap is enough to clean the dirt. You need to dry it in the air to clean the oil absorbed in it for longer use.

  • Different color options and non-slip bottom.
  • Odorless and resistant to mildew.
  • Easy to wash and attractive look.
  • It is a completely new product on the market.

#12. Pebbles Fabric Printed PVC Bathtub Mats

Splash Home Pebbles Fabric Printed PVC Bathtub Mats

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By: Splash Home

The high-quality PVC material is the basic ingredient of this modern bathtub mat. It has the best quality cushion which ensures your comfort on the soft surface. The suctions cups are there in this mat to give you extra-ordinary protection on the slippery floor. Moreover, this item has the power of extra traction.

You can use this mat on the regular and anti-slip surface to get a long-lasting result. Furthermore, washing and drying the item is also very easy. You should also choose this product for its design which suits the modern bathroom interior.

  • Easy maintenance and durable.
  • Eye-catching design and strong suction cups.
  • Powerful traction and non-toxic material.
  • It is slightly thinner than the rest.

#11. Bathtub Shower Elite Mat

Pike Sellers Bathtub Shower Elite Mat

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By: Pike Sellers

This bathtub mat is available with the 200 suction cups that keep the grip tight and sealed with the floor. The durability of this mat is remarkable because of its prime quality material. The anti-bacterial properties of the mat make it more user-friendly and safe for the users.

Moreover, this mat has a cushioned surface which helps you to get perfect comfort. You can easily wash the bathtub mat in the machine. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain for its modern design. You will also get this item at a reasonable price in the market.

  • Machine washable and extremely durable.
  • Antibacterial and powerful suction cups.
  • Comfortable to use and an extra-long design.
  • There is no con as such.

#10. Non Slip Mildew Resistant Bathtub Mat

AIR TREE Bathtub Mats Non Slip Mildew Resistant Big Holes

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This bathtub mat is ideal for placing on the slippery floor because of its suction cups and strong grip. This bathtub mat is of high-quality rubber which lasts for a long period. This product is safe for your skin, and its grip also protects you from an unwanted fall as well. You will never experience a bad odor from this mat. Moreover, its flexibility makes it more durable away from the cracks.

This elegant looking bathtub mat has a good thickness and well-stable structure. Furthermore, you can choose this product because of its air-holes. You should not dry the mat directly under the sun. Drain the water and then place it on the floor.

  • Durable, comfortable, and resistant to mildew.
  • Powerful suction cups and non-slip.
  • Easy cleaning and high-quality rubber.
  • The material could have been softer.

#9. Bathtub & Shower Mat

ALL PRIDE Bathtub and Shower Mat

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This bathtub mat is ideal to use at the gym, house, and spa. There are 66 suction cups available in this bathtub mat which creates a good grip and save you from unwanted accidents. It doesn’t shift quickly because of these suction cups. Moreover, it has an extra power of traction that gives you an extraordinary result.

The design of the mat is also suitable for the modern interior and helps you to clean it in an effortless manner. The latex-free mat doesn’t create any bad toxic odor. It keeps you away from the diseases by repelling the soap residues. Furthermore, it has 264 holes for water drainage. It doesn’t shift from a place for its strong grip.

  • Attractive design and resistant to mold.
  • Easy to wash and different scene availability.
  • Non-slip design and eco-friendly PVC.
  • There could be some sticking issues.

#8. Pebble Bath Mat For Bathtub

Pebble Bath Mat for Bathtub

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This anti-slip bathtub mat comes in an elegant design that suits the modern interior. The main ingredient of this mat is PVC which is high in quality and non –toxic at the same time. You can prefer this mat for its easy cleaning facility. The grip of the mat is also very impressive for its stability. Moreover, it comes with sufficient space which drains the water in a short period.

You can also customize the shape of the mat by cutting it easily. There are 200 suction cups available in the item which keeps the mat at its place. Furthermore, its surface is also very smooth and safe for your skin. You will get this product at a reasonable price in the market.

  • Safe to use and anti-slip design.
  • Easy to drain with bigger holes.
  • Easy cleaning and custom cutting.
  • It could have been more comfortable.

#7. Non-Slip Mildew Resistant Shower Mats

Amazer Bath Tub Mat Non-Slip Mildew Resistant Shower Mats

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By: Amazer

This bathtub mat is available in a large size which fulfills your purpose in an effective way. You can trust this product because of its 200 suction cups that are powerful to keep the mat stable at its position. The design of the surface keeps you away from slipping. Its texture leaves a soft touch on your feet. Moreover, this product is of high-quality PVC which lasts for a long time.

You will love this product because of its easy maintenance facility. This product spreads no toxic smell because of its high quality and BPA and latex free material. Furthermore, you can also clean this mat in the machine easily. Nearly 176 holes of the mat pass the water and keep the mat free from the bacteria.

  • Large size and powerful grip.
  • Resistant to mildew, durable, and PVC material.
  • Remains in place and easy cleaning.
  • It does not always stick to its place.

#6. Non-Slip Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial Bathtub Mat

Wimaha Bathtub Mats Non-Slip Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial

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By: Wimaha

The bathtub mat is extra large in size and high in quality at the same time. It has the construction of prime quality vinyl which is right for your skin. This material keeps the mat away from the bacterial effects and also takes care of the skin by giving the anti-allergen protection. This mat has 200 gorilla grips that keep the mat attached to the floor perfectly. Moreover, its surface is very smooth, soft, and comfortable for your skin.

There are 176 holes in this mat to drain the water and keep the mat long-lasting. You should also prefer this mat for its easy to clean feature. Furthermore, this product is ideal for a pet-loving family. You will also be able to use this mat in the hospital, hotels, and other places.

  • Slip-resistant and safe to use.
  • Machine washable and large drain holes.
  • Allergen-free and attractive look.
  • It is not mildew resistant.

#5. Original Design Bath Tub & Shower Mat

Yimobra Original Design Bath Tub and Shower Mat

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By: Yimobra

This bathtub mat is not only beautiful for its appearance but also mind-blowing for its exclusive quality. The suction cups are large in size in this product to give you a better protection b attaching the mat on the floor. The number of suction cups in this mat is 260 as well. Moreover, this mat comes with a special surface which is soft and good for your skin. The mat is able to cover a wide area for its extra-large size.

This bathtub mat is of high-quality material which is BPA free and latex free. This has the ability to keep the germs and the bacteria away from the mat and your skin. You can also get the advantage of cleaning the mat in the machine easily. Furthermore, this product has 10 years of warranty. But you should keep in mind that jumping on the mats can be risky for you. All in all, you can choose this one of the best bathtub mats on the list confidently.

  • Antibacterial design and large size.
  • Multiple special suction cups and durable.
  • Easy to wash and hassle-free maintenance.
  • It is not extremely slip resistant.

#4. Non Slip Bath Mat Anti-Bacterial Tub Mat

NTTR Non Slip Bath Mat Anti-Bacterial Tub Mat

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This is the prime quality bathtub mat which is elegant in appearance. It has 200 suction cups in total to keep the mat attached to the floor and keep you away from slipping when you are enjoying our bath. This mat is not only slip-resistant but also long-lasting and durable for high-quality PVC material. This mat has a smooth and comfortable surface to give an excellent experience to your feet. Moreover, the mat is able to keep you away from the ill-effects of the germs and bacteria.

The mat comes with the easy cleaning facility which ensures your healthiness. Furthermore, you can clean the bathtub mat in a simple manner by using a gentle cleanser. You should also use the hot water to clean the dirt of the bathtub mat. You can use it regularly to get a good and long-lasting result.

  • Attractive design and extra-long size.
  • Safe to use and 200 suction cups.
  • Durable, non-toxic, and no-slip.
  • Due to packaging, the mat may not lay flat in the beginning.

#3. Bath Tub Shower Mat

YINENN Bath Tub Shower Mat

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The bathtub mat is of phthalate-free material and modern in design. The chemical-free bathtub mat doesn’t spread any smell. You will also get the best advantage of the mat because of its high-quality vinyl which takes care of your skin. Its anti-allergen properties give you a good experience. The mat is also good for its 200s suction cups that hold the mat on its position perfectly. Moreover, it is large in size to cover a good range of area.

This mat has 176 holes to drain the water and keep the mat well. You can go for a machine wash when cleaning the mat. Furthermore, the item has an exclusive design like a pebble. The long-lasting mat comes with the 1-year warranty along with 30days return policy. Overall, it is one of the best bathtub mats to opt for.

  • Non-slip design and multiple suction cups.
  • Durable, and resistant to mildew.
  • Easy to clean and includes utility hooks.
  • There is no con as of now.

#2. Smart Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

Tike Smart Non-Slip Bathtub Mat

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By: Tike Smart

This mat is popular for its anti-slip feature along with the elegant appearance. This product is ideal for giving your interior a smart and modern look. You can choose this product for its high-quality vinyl material which is ideal for your sensitive skin. The mat is perfect for ensuring your safety because of its 167 suction cups.

Moreover, the powerful grip of the product keeps your position stable on the mat. The cushioned surface of the mat gives you good comfort. Furthermore, the mat is of BPA free product which is not only healthy but also long-lasting. The mat is available at a reasonable price, along with the guarantee in the market.

  • Multiple color options and safe material.
  • Comfortable, cushioned, and antibacterial.
  • Slip-resistant and powerful suction cups.
  • The smell can be annoying for a few days.

#1. Original Patented Bath, Shower, Tub Mat

Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath, Shower, Tub Mat

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By: Gorilla Grip

The anti-slip mat is available with all the modern facilities and safety features in the market. The mat is extra large in size which is perfect for covering a wide range of areas. The product has a smooth surface which keeps you steady on the mat for its strong grip. There are 324 suction cups available in the item to keep you safe while bathing on a slippery floor.

Moreover, it is full of small size holes that drain the water and keep the mat durable. The product is easy to clean as you can wash it in the machine. Furthermore, the BPA free material of the product keeps your skin healthy and bacteria free. You will get the mat along with the 10 years of warranty. It is undoubtedly one of the best bathtub mats on the list.

  • Antibacterial and multiple suction cups.
  • Resistant to mildew and non-toxic.
  • Washing machine safe and soft.
  • There is no negative point to discuss.


Considering all the features and functionalities, we have listed the best bathtub mats that are stylish and long-lasting. Apart from the obvious reason of not making the bathtub slippery, a bathtub has various other aspects. It can make your bathtub look outstanding as some of them have patterns, while others have 3D designs. Not just that, it is going to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew which are common in the bathtub due to the accumulation of water in it.

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