6 Best Barrel Saddles for The Competitor – Review

If you want the best from your horse and you also desire to have maximum enjoyment, you should pick the best barrel saddles for the competitor. With a poor choice, you’ll not enjoy maximum support and your comfort will also be undermined. Also, it will exert undue pressure on the horse, meaning that it won’t be performing at its optimum. The unit will affect its sprinting power, turning potential, jumping, and much more.

This is certainly not what you want when competing or racing. Knowing the one to go for can be a little challenging. First, you have all kinds of products on the market. And unless you have sufficient time and knowledge, going through each product can be challenging. The better approach is to rely on credible and trustworthy reviews. In this one, for instance, we will show the best barrel saddles for the competitor that is readily available in the market. So, how about we take a look at them?

The 6 Best Barrel Saddles In 2020

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#6. Medium Oil Sunflower Barrel Saddle

NRS Competitor Series Medium Oil Sunflower Barrel Saddle


This barrel saddle should be what you are after. We love its medium size, which suits most people. The size 13.5-piece comes in classic styling and looks good on any horse. It measures 28 x 19 x 18 inches and weighs about 35 pounds.

Besides, it’s tough, but unit and will endure the use and environmental factors well. It’s very easy to mounts even by a beginner. You don’t need excellent skills. However, it remains firm and doesn’t move during use. This prevents unnecessary stress or friction on both the redder and horse.

It provides decent support to the rider and also feels cozy. This is courtesy of the nice styling as well as a sleek finish. It’s ergonomically styled to prevent fatigue, ache, discomfort as well as pain. Besides, it’s very easy to clean and requires lesser maintenance in comparison to its competing options. The leather piece is longlasting and less prone to cracking, pitting, splitting, or fading.

  • Good looking and nice classic styling
  • Easy to use and works okay in many situations
  • Made from tough genuine leather
  • Easy to mount and good size
  • It may feel a little heavy especially the fast time

#5. Bear Trap Competitor Saddle

Barrel Saddles

By: American Saddlery

The American Saddlery unit is also among the best barrel saddlers for the competitor. It has a functional size of 15 Inches and is thus ideal for most users. The unit is made of tough leather and endures the use, elements, misuse, and the elements well. It doesn’t split, crack, fade, or lose its integrity easily. What’s more, with good use and maintenance, it will last for a long time. The unit comprises around skirt and a rust suede set.

The materials and finish feel tough but still quite comfortable. You’ll be able to sit in it for long sessions without any issues. No fatigue, no strain, and also no unnecessary sweating. Moreover, it mounts easily and stays firm on the point. This minimizes any friction or abrasion. The accessory includes Blevins buckles for good harnessing. Also, you get contest stirrups that comprise cowhide. They are tough to put up with the operation.

  • Easy to mount and has good harnessing
  • Ideal for many applications
  • Made of tough cowhide leather
  • Works great and very comfortable
  • Takes some time to fully break-in

#4. Chestnut Barrel Racing Saddle


Coming in size 13, the NRS Competitor series saddle is a perfect choice. It’s ideal for beginners as well as experienced users. We love the compact and space-efficient styling, which doesn’t occupy lots of space. However, it offers good firm support. Besides, it’s also very comfortable and doesn’t cause any friction or discomfort to the rider or horse. This is due to the smooth finish and sturdy engineering.

It’s made of tough and durable cowhide leather. This allows it to put up with the weight, movement, abrasion and much more. Moreover, it comprises tough stitching to prevent it from coming apart. The accessory features a 6 ยพ (W) x 8(H) inch gullets and Cantle5. These contribute to firm support. Also, it has a Swell measuring 13 inches in width. It’s ergonomically styled for the best comfort and also to minimize fatigue or soreness. What’s more, mounting is very easy.

  • Well-built and high quality
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Made from tough genuine leather
  • Offers good support and is also very comfortable
  • Itโ€™s ideal for young riders and not the very experienced

#3. Lightweight Comfy Horse Saddle Set

By: Acerugs

This barrel racer saddle should be what you desire. We love its size, which suits different people and needs. It comes in classic styling and looks great. It is built from tough leather and also includes ultra-smooth and cozy suede material. Moreover, you also find a double reinforced tree made of fiberglass. This boosts its strength and support. The soft padding on the seat keeps you comfortable and also prevents any soreness or fatigue.

It tough and will sustain the use as well as ecological elements well. It’s very simple to mount even by a newbie. Furthermore, it remains firm and also does not move during usage. This prevents friction and also offers good support to the rider. Thanks to the nice styling and ergonomically styling, the user won’t experience fatigue, pain, or discomfort. It’s easy to clean and also needs minimal maintenance. The natural leather piece is longlasting and less likely to split, pit, crack or fade.

  • Great looking and great classic styling
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Very supportive and also comfortable
  • Made from authentic leather
  • Easy to install and also excellent dimension
  • It doesnโ€™t come with horse bit and back cinch

#2. Racing Silver Leather Saddle

By: Acerugs

The AceRugs Cowgirl UP is also one of the best barrel saddlers for the competitor. It has a useful dimension of 14-18 Inches and is therefore perfect for most customers. The unit is constructed from tough natural leather and sustains the usage, abuse, and the elements well. It doesn’t split, crack, ado, or shed its color easily. What’s more, with good use and also upkeep, it will last for a long period of time. The system comprises a100% genuine leather and the underside features ultra-smooth fleece padding.

The materials and surface feel tough but still very comfortable. You’ll have the ability to sit on it for long sessions without any issues. You won’t experience any fatigue, strain, or discomfort. It mounts easily and also remains firm on the point. This reduces any kind of friction or abrasion. The accessory consists of free Reins, headstall, and a Breast collar. Likewise, it comes in a nice American chestnut color.

  • Easy to mount and feels comfortable
  • Good support and decent harnessing
  • Ideal for many situations
  • Constructed from tough cowhide leather
  • Works great and extremely comfortable
  • It may feel a little stiff especially when new

#1. Hand Carved Western Leather Horse Saddle &Tack

By: Acerugs

AceRugs Hand Carved Western barrel saddle is an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned users. It has a decent size and is also space-efficient. It takes up minimal space but still has good coverage. The accessory provides good support and is likewise very comfortable. You won’t feel any friction, discomfort, or soreness. This results from the smooth finish and the nice padding on its underside. It’s made from 100% premium leather and feels quite tough and long-lasting. This allows it to tolerate the weight, abrasion, movement, and much more. Moreover, it comprises strong stitching and is reinforced with a Wood tree and Fiberglass.

It’s ergonomically styled for the very best convenience and likewise to reduce fatigue or pain. What’s even more, mounting is really simple. Cleaning the accessory is also not difficult. Moreover, it maintains its integrity and color for a long time. The accessory includes a free headstall, breast collar, and reins.

  • Strong and also excellent quality
  • Easy to mount as well as use
  • Made from authentic and tough natural leather
  • Supplies good support as well as is likewise really comfy
  • It is ideal for jumping
  • Picking the Barrel Saddles for the Competitor

Buying Guides

Coming by a barrel saddle isn’t hard. In fact, it’s much easier than it was a few years ago. You simply need to search online and then place an order. Alternatively, if you are the old school kind of person, you simply walk into a store or retail outlet and purchase. However, the biggest challenge is actually being certain; it’s the best choice. Sadly, many consumers end up burning their fingers after realizing that they paid lots of money for a poorly crafted unit. You can enhance the odds of owning the right item by focusing on the following things:

Brand Reputation

It’s no secret that some companies have been in the scene for decades. And over the years, they have produced amazing products, and still do that even today. At the same, you’ll find startups or new firms that have a product or two. The products will more likely not have been tried and tested. Before you purchase an item, you should examine the brand. What does the public think about it? Does it rank among the credible names? How old has it been in the scene? You should go for a product from a reputable company.

Construction Quality

When purchasing the accessory, the rider wants it to last for a long time. It’s common to hear of people who’ve used the same product for many years and didn’t experience any issues with it. It came in a nice design that made mounting and using it easy. Also, it features tough materials that put up with the use and environmental factors well. Genuine leather is a popular material. It’s very tough but still quite comfortable. It maintains its sturdiness, reliability as well as shape. Besides, a good item boasts of tough stitching hence is unlikely to rip or come apart.


The cost of a unit does play a vital role. Some high-end products cost quite a dime. For a beginner or learner, it makes little sense to pay too much for a high-end product, yet you don’t even know the art. Such a person is better off going for a basic and more affordable unit. This will help him/her first learn the technique. For a pro, he/she can pay a higher price on a top-notch product. There are quite a number of products which are of high quality but still have a good price. With a bit of research and comparison, you can easily pick the right one. Better still, you can follow the best barrel saddles for the competitor reviews.

NB: In addition to the above, prospective buyers also focus on size, weight, design, color, reviews, maintenance ease, and durability.


The above read reviews the best barrel saddles for the competitor. They all aim at making the experience good for both the horse as well as the rider. You’ll be able to control the horse better and also get maximum support as well as comfort. This ensures the experience is a good one. On the other hand, the horse won’t have to bear undue stress, strain, or discomfort. This allows it to turn well, do fast stints, and also won’t have to endure heavyweight.

And as we said before, there are all types of products in the market. And most will brag about being the most suitable. However, as you may realize later, many will just be saying so just to make a sale. To help you make the right decision and also to save you time and money, we look at the market. We analyzed the top options and were able to unearth the best barrel saddles for the competitor. Now, what you or any other prospective buyer needs to do is just make a pick.

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