Top 13 Best Airsoft Goggles On The Market – In 2021 Review

Airsoft combat is a very popular sport that adults, as well as teenagers, love to play. While some play it for recreational value, others go for intense combat exercise. Whichever way you go, you need to have a pair of airsoft goggles. It falls under the basic safety measure to play the sport and playing without them can be a fatal mistake. Even though the players should be aiming for body shots, sometimes, the aim could get diverted around your eye region. Therefore, a pair of airsoft goggles will protect your eyes from severe injuries causing temporary blindness or vision loss. The following is the list of the best airsoft goggles we have hand picked for you.

List of The 13 Best Airsoft Goggles

#1. I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles

Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles

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By: Pyramex Safety

Here is an airsoft goggle which is made up of polycarbonate lens and is resistant to scratches. This will also give you protection from the harmful UV rays and is suitable in any environment. It has an inner acetate lens which will avoid fogging. This comes with a ratcheting quick release strap along with interchangeable temples. This is an absolutely top-notch product, and it is confirmed by the genuine buyers who are leaving overwhelming reviews.

It is also coated with anti-fog technology on its exterior to give superior fog protection. This is tough and can withstand high impacts. This can be used all day without any discomfort and is a versatile product. Furthermore, the dual-lens technology makes it ideal for airsoft. It will keep your face cool as there will be less sweat. It is by far the best airsoft goggles, and that is why it is currently the bestselling airsoft goggles on the list.

In Short:
  • Polycarbonate lens resists scratches
  • Safeguards from harmful UV rays
  • For any environment
  • An inner acetate lens avoids fogging
  • Quick-release strap

#2. Airsoft Half Face Mask Steel Mesh and Goggles Set

Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask Steel Mesh and Goggles Set

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By: Outgeek

If you want an airsoft goggle along with a face protection mask, this is the one for you. Apart from using it for various outdoor activities, it can also be used for cosplay. The goggle is made up of ABS plastic and is very sturdy. This is lightweight and will prevent fogging. It will also give good ventilation and has an adjustable elastic strap. Going by its balanced features and reviews from genuine buyers, it is one of the best airsoft goggles available online.

Moreover, the mask is foldable and lightweight and will give you good protection on your face. This is breathable and has low carbon steel. It will let you enjoy your game having full protection, and it also comes in different colors. This is a must-have product for any outdoor game.

In Short:
  • For outdoor activities and cosplay
  • Robust and lightweight ABS plastic
  • Prevents fogging and offers good ventilation
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Available in multiple colors

#3. Airsoft Safety Eye Vented Goggles

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Eye Protection Full Seal Foam Pad Vented Goggles

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By: Lancer Tactical

Fixed with a padded foam, this airsoft goggle is very soft and comfortable when you wear them. This has a frame made up of polyurethane thermoplastic, and it comes in a vented goggle design. This is well ventilated and allows having a perfect airflow. This is very suitable for airsoft battles and will give you complete protection.

Moreover, it is adjustable, and a single size will fit most people. It has a built-in lens protector and is very good at preventing fog. Moreover, the vents will work perfectly to keep away dust and debris. The head strap is adjustable, and it also weighs very less. You can easily remove the dust cover and replace them.

In Short:
  • Comfortable padded foam
  • Durable polyurethane thermoplastic frame
  • Premium vented goggle structure for proper ventilation
  • Fits most people
  • The lens protector prevents fogging

#4. Airsoft Safety Goggles

Airsoft Safety Goggles

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By: U.S. Marine Corps

With an adjustable elastic strap, here is an airsoft goggle which is suitable for many outdoor activities. It comes with anti-fog ventilation and has been approved by the ASTM. Moreover, it meets the safety standards of ANSI Z87 and is a tough product. It has tinted lenses made of polycarbonate which is resistant to shatter.

With this, you will be able to play safely, and it will also look great when you put them on. This is comfortable and will not give you any stress. Furthermore, it is lightweight and durable and will not leave a gap. This is very suitable for airsoft as it will prevent fogging. This is a great product to give you all-around eye protection.

In Short:
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Suitable for various outdoor activities
  • Has a superior anti-fog ventilation
  • Polycarbonate lenses are tinted for shatter resistance
  • Lovely look and comfortable wear

#5. VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles

Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles

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By: Virtue Paintball

This airsoft goggle is very stylish and will also protect your lower face. This is flexible and will give increased protection with its ability to cover more. This will offer you distortion-free visibility and will also give you full protection from the UV rays. Furthermore, the rigid product is very comfortable to wear and has dual layer eye foam which is removable.

Moreover, this amazing product is lightweight and will go with all line of replacement foam. It comes in a single-piece design which makes it better in transmitting voice. You can select from five different colors and make use of this goggle. It will also allow you to breathe comfortably and is equipped with a thermal smoke lens.

In Short:
  • Comes in a lovely design
  • Protects the lower face
  • Flexible for improved protection
  • Provides a distortion-free visibility
  • Safeguards against UV rays

#6. Adjustable Half Metal Steel Mesh Face Mask and UV400 Goggles Set

Infityle Airsoft Masks - Adjustable Half Metal Steel Mesh Face Mask and UV400 Goggles Set

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By: Infityle

Even this airsoft goggle comes with a protective face mask which makes the duo perfect for any outdoor activities. The face mask is of perfect material and is breathable and lightweight. This is also adjustable, and you will not feel any stress when you put them on. This is foldable and is suitable for various purposes.

Moreover, the airsoft mask, when combined with the airsoft goggle, will give you unmatched protection to your face. This is also very stylish and has an adjustable elastic strap. The outer frame of the goggle is of bi-raw material and has soft foam on its interior frame. The strap is of nylon fiber and is very durable.

In Short:
  • Comfortable protective face mask
  • Ideal for all outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Adjustable and foldable for various purposes
  • Durable nylon fiber strap

#7. Airsoft Half Face Mask with Goggles Set

Unigear Airsoft Half Face Masks Steel Mesh Mask with Goggles Set

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By: Unigear

Designed in a compact style, this airsoft goggle has been soft padded to give you comfort when you wear them on. This is attached with a face mask which will give you added protection. It has low-carbon steel mesh along with ventilated side cheeks and will also protect your lower face. It has adjustable head straps and can adjust to any shape. This is also foldable and will not give you any discomfort.

Apart from being protective, this is also lightweight and breathable. This is suitable for a wide range of activities, like shooting and hunting, and makes you feel stress-free. Besides, the goggle is very easy to put on, and you will also not feel any discomfort when you put it on.

In Short:
  • Prides a low-profile style
  • Soft padded for additional comfort
  • Connected to a face mask for extra protection
  • Adjustable head straps
  • Foldable and lightweight

#8. Airsoft Sierra Thermal Lens Goggle

Valken Airsoft Sierra Thermal Lens Goggle

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By: Valken

Attached with a TPU frame, this airsoft goggle is resistant to heat and cold and will give you perfect protection. It also comes with anti-fog protection with its thermal system and can be used in any worst condition. This is very suitable for working in extreme-temperature environments and is also a tough product. Besides, this can also withstand high impacts.

The goggle is available in three different lens colors and will give you a comfortable fit. It will fit perfectly and will seal your face by protecting it. Moreover, the indirect ventilation system is located on both the bottom and top frame which will maintain airflow and release heat. It has an elastic strap which is adjustable and comes with a quick-release system.

In Short:
  • Resistant to cold and heat
  • Provides excellent eye protection
  • Has a superior anti-fog system
  • For extreme-temperature atmospheres
  • Withstands high impacts

#9. Echo Airsoft Goggles

Valken V-TAC Echo Airsoft Goggles

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By: Valken

With this, you will be getting maximum protection from dust and debris, and it will also reduce fogging. This is a perfect airsoft goggle where the outlet will provide heat to reduce fogging. It has indirect vented foam carriage which gives good protection from flying particles. Moreover, this is resistant to high impacts and features an adjustable elastic strip.

This will give you a secure fit as the strap has a quick release which will attach perfectly to the temples. This comes in three different lens colors and is ideal for outdoor tasks. With this, you will really enjoy your airsoft as it will not give you any complaints. It works great and is a perfect item for gifting.

In Short:
  • Protection from debris, fogging, dust
  • The outlet delivers ideal heat to minimize fogging
  • Comes with indirect and stable vented foam carriage
  • Resistant to extreme impacts
  • Adjustable elastic strap

#10. Airsoft X800 Tactical Goggle Glasses

ZJchao Airsoft X800 Tactical Goggle Glasses Gx1000

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By: ZJchao

Here is an airsoft goggle which you can also use for other purposes like cycling, paintball, jet skiing, kite surfing, and riding. This has a frame made up of bi-raw material and includes three polycarbonate lens of black, yellow, and transparent. There is also UV-400 protection, and it is very strong. Moreover, this can withstand high impact and is very comfortable while wearing.

Furthermore, this has an interior frame well-seated along with soft foam. Moreover, the frames are hypoallergenic and will give good protection from the fog with its anti-fog coating. There is also an elastic headband which is adjustable to give you a perfect. You can also use during tactical games and is a very useful product. It is one of the best airsoft goggles to buy.

In Short:
  • Multipurpose design for cycling, riding, paintball
  • Durable frame structured from bi-raw material
  • The 3 polycarbonate lens include black and yellow
  • Delivers high UV-400 protection
  • Bears high impact for ultimate comfort

#11. Airsoft Safety Goggles Basic with Multi Lens Kit

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Safety Goggles Basic with Multi Lens Kit

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By: Lancer Tactical

Providing you with a full seal eye protection, this airsoft goggle has got interchangeable lenses. It will give you a secure fit as it has an adjustable head strap. There is also a protective goggle sleeve which makes it very suitable to be used outdoors. It also comes with a multi-lens kit of yellow, smoke, and clear lens.

This is ideal for airsoft players as it has foam covered vents which avoid fogging. This comes in full black color which will enhance your appearance. It is soft and very comfortable to put on. This is a value for money product which is perfect for any combat. There is also a carry bag where you can conveniently keep the entire kit.

In Short:
  • Impressive seal eye protection
  • Easy to interchange the lenses
  • Provides a snug fit
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Protective goggle sleeve

#12. Anti-Fog Clear Lens Safety Goggle

Daixers Anti-Fog Clear Lens Safety Goggle

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By: Daixers

In this airsoft goggle, you will find a built-in ventilation channel which will give excellent ventilation and perfect fog control. This is very soft and will provide you with a high level of protection from debris and dust. This is very safe and comes with environmental protection. You can wear it comfortably as this is resistant to impact.

Moreover, this has advanced PC material lens, and it is of polycarbonate. It is tough, and you can easily remove the black vent for modifications. This works great and can also be used professionally. This is very suitable for outdoor activities and will allow you to have a clear vision. The goggle is also flexible and will not give you any complains when you wear it.

In Short:
  • A ventilation channel delivers excellent ventilation
  • Soft and protects from dust
  • Offers amazing environmental protection
  • Can resist impacts
  • The superior PC material lens is tough

#13. Tactical Airsoft Goggles

Elemart Tactical Airsoft Goggles - Safety Goggles Army Goggles

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By: Elemart

Equipped with three polycarbonate lens, this air goggle is resistant to high impact. The frame of this goggle is of PVC material, and it is anti-scratch and anti-fog. It also comes with UV protection and is very comfortable when you put it on. In the interior, it has soft foam which will not hurt you.

This is ideal for various outdoor activities like hunting, skiing, riding, shooting, and also for a military purpose. The package includes three lends of smoked, clear, and yellow, and there is also a carrying case. Moreover, this is a lightweight and durable product and consists of a rubber lining on the inside. This will fit comfortably and is a well-designed product.

In Short:
  • The 3 polycarbonate lens resists high impacts
  • PVC frame for anti-fog and anti-scratch
  • Comfortable and offers high UV protection
  • For hunting, skiing, shooting, riding
  • Contains 3 lenses; yellow, clear, smoked

How To Buy The Best Airsoft Goggles?

There are different types of airsoft goggles available, and therefore, there are many sellers who scam the customers with cheap product. The following is the list of parameters you have to keep in mind in order to buy the best airsoft goggles.


It is very important that your airsoft goggle shall provide you comfort even when you use it for longer hours. Any form of discomfort will distract with your focus which may lead to missing your target. With comfort, you can enjoy any combat, and there will be a perfect fit. It has to be adjustable so that it will provide a secure fit and even the head strap will not compromise with the level of comfort. It should reduce your need to readjust it and must have vented panels so that you stay cool. Even the head strap should provide a snug fit. It has to be lightweight as well as durable and must be composed of quality materials.


Safety is one of the most important features that an airsoft goggles must-have. It should be very effective so that no harm should be caused to your eyes. Check if it meets the safety standard requirements and will give protection from chemical splashes. It should also give you protection from fine dust and has to be anti-static and anti-scratch. Your goggles must give you a protective shield from the various elements of nature. Moreover, it should allow you to use it in any kind of weather conditions. Apart from being safe, it also has to be stylish.


Lenses are the key to every airsoft goggles. It has to be clear enough so that there will be enhanced visibility. Although the color of the lens may vary, you can always choose the one according to your own preference. See if the lenses will offer maximum protection from any impact. You can also check if it has UVA/UVB protection so that the rays of the sun will not cause any harm to your eyes. It has to be anti-fog, and if it is a dual-pane lens, then it will also give protection from HEV radiation.


See if there is good airflow when you put on your airsoft goggle. If it includes vented panels, then it will help your body to maintain the natural temperature of your body. You will see improvement in your exercise and will make your face cool when you move it. Ventilated goggles do not fog and will provide good air supply to your eyes. It will ensure that there will be good breathability to your eyes and body and will give a stream of airflow to the face.


Visibility is the key for any airsoft goggle. It should provide you with a clear vision so that you can easily see your target during any combat. You can also see if it can repel dust so that you don’t get distracted when you are shooting for your target. To get a clearer vision in any kind of combat, it is necessary for you to get a transparent lens. You can also look out for other color options if you are comfortable with other colors. Vision is also affected by the design and structure of the goggles, so check if there will be any distractions.


As you can see, there are different types of airsoft goggles available. Accordingly to your choice of design and your level of play, you need to choose carefully to get the best airsoft goggle that fits your desire. There are different goggles available for amateurs and professionals. Besides, there is a wide variety of features that these airsoft goggles have to offer. Ideally speaking, it needs to be lightweight so that you do not feel like you are wearing something. Besides, it will help you to play the game for a long duration of time. They must also be waterproof, and if you are living in a cold country, the fog clearance should be on your consideration when you buy from these airsoft goggles.

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