The 10 Best 70 Inch TVs Review In 2021 (65-75 Inch)

The TV industry has evolved a lot in the last decade, and we have the best picture and sound quality thanks to the latest technologies. If you really want to enjoy movies or play games on your TV, you need to get a large TV for your room. The 70 inch TV is the ideal one for the best experience. You do not have to go to the movie theatre to watch movies anymore as this large TV will bring the same experience in your room. The following list contains the best 70 inch TVs for the best brands at different price points.

List of The 10 Best 70 Inch TVs

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#10. Aquos 4K Ultra WiFi Smart LED HDTV

Sharp Aquos N7100 70 Class 4K Ultra WiFi Smart LED HDTV

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By: Sharp

This is a 70 inch smart LED HDTV which supports 4K and ultra Wi-Fi. It contains six-outlet wall tap and two USB ports in the package. Moreover, it also contains a mount kit for flat wall TVs of 45-90 inch screens. The product supports HDR playback in standard dynamic range. It has ULED backlight too. Along with that, it also has many more attractive features such as native 4K UHD resolution, 1 million to 1 dynamic contrast ratio and revelation more upscale. This smart television also has a slim design with a super-thin bezel.

This TV also supports aquo dimming and full-array local dimming. You get a power cord, two batteries, and a remote in the box package. Moreover, the dealer also provides a full warranty for this product. After you purchase this product, you can get free technical support for this. It will be counted free of charge for sixty days from the day of purchase. It also provides brilliant picture quality and supports all kind of web browsers and applications.

In Short:
  • Full size of 70 inches
  • Supports ultra WiFi and 4K
  • Contains 6 outlets of wall tap
  • Has 2 USB ports
  • Prides a super-thin and slim design

#9. 70 inch 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV

LG 70 inch 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV

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By: LG

This is a 70 inch smart TV. It supports 4K ultra HD resolution. The smart TV has active HDR, and its larger screen provides better visibility. The product is best known for its true color accuracy feature. It helps you to get clearer pictures which look more natural. This feature uses the color mapping so that it can produce natural-looking pictures. Also, it produces brighter images as well. Furthermore, the application runs on webOS 3.5.

This smart TV weighs about 75 pounds. The dimensions of this product are 61.9*35.8*2.7 inches. The product produces an output wattage of 20 watts. When you purchase this TV, you get free technical support for sixty days from the day of purchase. You can seek any technical help over the phone. Moreover, there are four HDMI ports to connect to the TV. Also, there is a channel plus feature in this smart TV which lets you access streaming applications. Using this application, you can use over 50 streaming applications for your entertainment.

In Short:
  • Supports 4K ultra high definition resolution
  • Has active and superior HDR
  • The screen is more extensive than most brands
  • Supplies clear and better visibility
  • Offers true color accuracy

#8. Bravia 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony XBR70X830F 70-Class Bravia 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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By: Sony

This is a 70-inch smart TV with many attractive features. It has 4K resolution. This is an ultra HD smart LED TV of the latest model. With the X1 processor and 4K X-reality pro, it produces the HDR content. The features provide clear details and pictures. Moreover, the product has a 2.1ch soundbar with Dolby Atmos. Also, the Motionflow XR technology produces lifelike motion content. It has a triluminos display which helps to provide brighter colors and smooth and clear picture quality. As a result, the brightness is enhanced and improved contrast with black levels.

The smart TV runs on android application. Moreover, it supports the Google assistant technology which makes it a smart TV altogether. Also, it is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can download all your favorite applications for shopping, gaming, or any content from Google play store. Its built-in cable management creates a really good design. You can also do live TV streaming. You also get free technical service up to sixty days from the date of purchase. This is one of the best 70 inch TVs you can buy of Sony brand.

In Short:
  • Comes with attractive features
  • Compatible 4K resolution
  • The X1 processor produces HDR content
  • Supplies bright graphics and details
  • A Motionflow XR technology delivers lifelike motions

#7. 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017)

Sony KD70X690E 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017)

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By: Sony

This is a 70 inch smart TV with many attractive features. The LED TV supports 4K ultra HD resolution. Its high dynamic range (HDR) results in increased brightness and details. Also, it has clear audio and fine-tunes produce an awesome quality sound which seems to surround the environment. Also, it produces a clear sound. The Ultra HD resolution produces high-quality pictures with brighter pictures. Moreover, the pictures are natural, with brilliant highlights. It has the Motionflow XR feature which results in smoother and sharper details of content.

You get sixty days of free technical assistance from the date of purchase of the smart TV. Moreover, you can get a month of Netflix free in the best quality picture and sound quality. The brilliant picture processing technology produces the best pictures ever. The product weighs 61.1 pounds. When you purchase the product, you get an AC power cord, batteries, remote control, tabletop stand, and a setup guide. The bundle also includes a gift card worth 25 US dollars.

In Short:
  • Supports 4K high definition resolution
  • Delivers increased brightness plus details
  • Prides excellent fine-tunes and clear audio
  • Produces brighter and natural-looking pictures
  • Lightweight structure weighs 61.1 pounds

#6. 4K HDR Smart LED AI UHD TV

LG 65UK7700PUD Class 4K HDR Smart LED AI UHD TV

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By: LG

This Smart LED TV is of the latest model with advanced features and technology. The dealer provides a full warranty along with the purchase of the product. It has 4K HDR smart technology which creates the best resolution. The LED screen also has AI UHD TV with ThinkQ compatible with the latest model. Moreover, this technology results in rich colors, so you get the best picture quality ever. Its nano cell display gives you the best quality picture with enhanced clarity.

It also has an available billion rich colors which provide extra clarity to the picture quality. Moreover, this technology also creates a more lifelike picture. The smart TV is compatible with the Amazon echo. The ThinQ AI technology uses voice control using Google home built-in. The product has an elegant look based on the thin crafted metal frame. Its high dynamic range supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby digital. You get free technical assistance till sixty days from the date of purchase. The product comes with a wall-mount kit and a gift card.

In Short:
  • Comes with 4K HDR technology
  • Delivers incredible resolution and vibrant colors
  • The nano cell display offers enhanced clarity
  • Contains billions of rich colors
  • Compatible with Amazon echo

#5. 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony XBR70X830F 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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By: Sony

This smart LED TV is of the latest model and comes with all the advanced features. It is a 70 inch TV with 4K Ultra HD display. It has the advanced X1 processor and also the 4K X-realities pro which makes HDR content fantastic. Moreover, it comes with the triluminos display which makes clearer and brighter pictures. It has a dynamic contrast enhancement which creates natural and lifelike detailed content. Along with the HDR super bit mapping, it also does the color gradation with accuracy.

The product weighs 82 pounds and requires two AA batteries included in the pack. Along with that, it also includes a power cord, remote control, setup guide, tabletop stand, and an IR blaster. The product is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can voice-control your TV with the technology. Moreover, it supports Google assistant and android technology, making it a smart TV. You can get the best motion pictures with its Motionflow XR technology. It also prevents motion blur and gives you the ultimate quality motion content. It is one of the best 70 inch TVs to opt for.

In Short:
  • Has a wide screen of 70 inches
  • A superior X1 processor deliver HDR content
  • Boast an excellent display for clearer images
  • Accurate color gradation
  • Lightweight 82-pound design

#4. Electronics 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

LG Electronics 70UK6570PUB 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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By: LG

This 70-inch television comes with a quad-core processor, which will not cause any disturbance when you enjoy your favorite show. This has ultra-luminance, and there is also ultra-surround sound. This is a smart television and allows you to connect it with other devices. This is beyond any app or entertainment and comes from a popular brand. Moreover, this can be controlled with a smart remote control where you can watch all the online content.

It has built-in Wi-Fi, and you can watch the 4K picture. Furthermore, you can control it with your voice to know about the weather, light settings, and many more. IT has multiple HDR content formats and is very slim in shape. This will enhance the sharpness of your pictures, and you can watch lifelike images.

In Short:
  • Provides ultra-luminance and ultra-surround sound
  • Easy to operate the smart remote control
  • where you can watch all the online content.
  • Has a fast and superior built-in WiFi
  • Supports 4K content and pictures

#3. 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 65R617 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

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Equipped with smart functions, this 70-inch TV will allow you to stream thousands of channels. This will give you an ultra HD picture, and you can watch all your shows, movies or sports in high definition. Furthermore, this has many inputs like three HDMI ports Ethernet, optical audio output, and many more. In this, you can watch the lifelike picture with vivid clarity with its Dolby Vision. There is also LED backlighting along with contrast control zones which will produce amazing picture quality.

The television is also slim and can be mounted anywhere. The TV allows you to get connected to your favorite apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Moreover, this has a fully functional remote control, and it can also be controlled with your voice. You can play games and do many other things with this TV. This has individually controlled dimming zones where you can find deep rich black. Even the sound quality of the TV is very great.

In Short:
  • Equipped with innovative smart functions
  • Allows streaming of thousands of channels
  • Delivers HD picture for shows, sports, movies
  • Multiple inputs include 3 HDMI ports Ethernet
  • Convenient LED backlighting

#2. Flat 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV 2020

Samsung 75NU7100 Flat 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV 2020

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By: Samsung

Here is a TV where you can get millions of shades of colors. The 70-inch TV uses a remote control to operate it and is very simple to use. This has a motion rate of 120 and will give you smooth action even on fast-moving contents. This is a full HD television and supports HDR 10+. Moreover, it comes in an elegant slim body which boosts its appearance. Apart from watching a vibrant picture, this also allows you to stream various services.

Furthermore, this has a powerful UHD engine and is a perfect upgrade for your existing TV. You can adjust the quality of the picture on every screen, just like a director. You can watch the hidden shadows in more detail and view lifelike picture. It has also got a universal guide, where you can get connected to other devices. This is very easy to browse and is best for your family. You can also sync it with your smartphone and watch your content. It is one of the best 70 inch TVs and the best from Samsung.

In Short:
  • Provides millions of colors
  • Includes an ergonomic remote control
  • High motion rate of 120
  • Smooth view of fast-moving content
  • Supports HDR 10+

#1. 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Sony KD70X690E 70-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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By: Sony

This 70-inch TV has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and is a smart television. This has got various inputs like HDMI ports and others and is ideal for bringing your family together. This has built-in Wi-Fi and allows you to stream a number of contents from Netflix and YouTube. With this, there will be endless entertainment, and there is also a remote control where the buttons of Netflix and YouTube are directly available for quick access. Moreover, you can also get connected to various other apps, along with vivid clarity.

This will give you 4K ultra HD picture, and there will be a perfect blend of color and contrast. Furthermore, this is slim and elegant and will redefine realism. This has Dynamic Contrast Enhancer where you will experience lifelike pictures with natural tone and deeper blacks. The pictures will be smoother and clearer, and there is also enhanced sound. You can hear the dialogs and music with great clarity. It is surely the best 70-inch TV to buy if your budget is on the higher side.

In Short:
  • A high refresh rate of 60 Hz
  • Several inputs such as HDMI ports
  • An integrated WiFi supports seamless content streaming
  • Accessible YouTube and Netflix buttons
  • On the remote control
  • Easy to connect to popular apps

How To Buy The Best 70-Inch TV?

There are so many different 70-inch TVs available from different brands. The following is the list of features that you need to remember while buying such a large TV.

Picture Quality:

One of the basic features of any television is the picture quality. Most of the modern-day television offer HD viewing experience. Some even have full-HD picture clarity. Make sure if it has a higher picture resolution of 1920 x 1080 and includes a minimum refresh rate of 60Hz. With a good refresh rate, you will be able to get clear viewing even on fast action scenes. Check if it has motion rate technology and that if it has backlit technology. It must have fast video processing and must be easy to set up. You can also look out for Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation feature which will ensure that there will be no motion blur. It should have adequate brightness and contrast ratio

Amazing Sound Quality:

Sound is another important thing, which will provide you with a cinematic experience while watching television. The sound should be of very good quality and will let you adjust it according to the user profile. See if it has realistic Dolby audio sound which will have an ultra-surround mode. See if it has a maximum bass response and there is smooth treble.

Smart Functionality:

Most of the television comes with built-in WiFi which will enhance your television viewing experience. Ensure that your television has smart functionality so that it will enable you to watch shows from different sources like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and much more. Apart from this, you can also see if it has a smart remote control, which will allow you to operate it with ease. See if it has Alexa compatibility so that you can control everything with the help of your voice.


Design is another important thing which cannot be compromised. See if it will allow you to mount on your wall conveniently. It should also let you conveniently place on a tabletop. It should have a lightweight profile and should be in a sleek design. Moreover, a 70-inch TV with good cable management will ensure that you have a clean environment. It should be easier to use, and it will allow you to conveniently place it anywhere you want.

Output/Input Features:

With various inputs and outputs, you can easily connect your television to other devices, and you can also easily watch movies from other sources. See if it has various HDMI ports as well as a USB output. You can also look out for ATSC, NTSC, along with MHL. You can also check RF as well as optical audio out and headphone jack. With all these connectivities, you will have endless entertainment for your family.

Other Features:

In addition to all other features, you will also see if it has a powerful processor. With a powerful processor and engine, you will have a good television viewing experience. You can also see if you can easily connect it to your mobile phone via an app and control everything for your mobile phone. Besides, HDR is a new feature that can deliver better colors, brightness, and contrast levels.


When you are investing your money in buying a large TV set, you should not compromise with the picture quality. For a 70-inch TV, 4K is the best resolution in today’s scenario. However, if you are slightly low in budget, you should at least go for Full-HD. It is better if you buy a home theatre music system separately to get the best combination of audio and video. Go through the description s of these best 70 inch TVs and compare them before choosing to buy the best one within your budget.

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